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Procerathomimus vs. Thoradolosaur

someone made a good point by saying thor may get stuffed this meta because of all the immune stuff running around and even more things can stop it now, so ive been debating about swapping it out with Procerathomimus. What do you guys think? Would Thor still be worh using, or should Procera take it’s place, given how buffed it got

why not? proceratomimus or diplovenator

Even though not on Tyrant speed, attack or health, I already use my Christmas Chicken against Thor. Mostly after it killed my first creature or I swap it in when he stuns. Works like a charm.

Keep in mind yoshi is going to be tyrant this patch, no questions asked

agreed that will be true.

Well there are some questions:

  1. Will yoshi be tyrant taking into account other dinos becoming immune to distraction - indor for example? Yes yoshi still beats indor 1 on 1 but if yoshi is out of DR than it can be punished hard
  2. What if complete immunity is being dropped and that buff to HP is because immunity has been changed to partial one? Sure that wasn’t in patch notes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to get rid of total immunity for diversity sake?

And back to PvT question - not that it’s end game viable, but smilocep got stun immunity, which makes him so much useful against thor. And that is another reason to drop thor - there are many more counters around

Do you usually open with Thor to even consider that possibility?
What are you going to use to counter Gemi/Max if you remove Thor from your team?
What do you use to counter Tryko/Diora?

I would guess that the reason to keep Thor around, is the emergence of the now well armored Ardentismaxima onto the scene, which will be tyrant tier. There are not too many creatures that will stand up against Ardentismaxima, Thor will be one of them. Let’s also Remember who Thor is good against. Thor is a follow up on that dracoceratops that swapped in, with a crit. Thor takes out Diorajasaur and Trykosaurus. In the upper echelon, you will see teams with at least 3 out of those 4 on their team. They will also usually have a Thor as well.
Yes, Procerathominus beats Thor in a head to head. On the other hand, Ardentismaxima and Diorajasaur, are going to give Procerathominus problems.
I would consider swapping out a speedster, like maybe Diloracheirus after you get enough speed boost.

I almost never open with thor. I usually open with Erlikospyx or Monostego.

My team used to be Thor, Monostego, Procerathomimus, Tryko, Magnapyritor, Grypolyth, Erlidominus, and Erlikospyx.

Now its going to become Geminititian, Tryko, Smilonemys, Indoraptor gen 2, Magnapyritor, Erlidominus, Erlikospyx, and either Procera or Thor.

And to be honest, i think Gemini does beat thor normally, and theres a slight chance Ardentis might now do so as well

Max beats Thor. Right now it seems Thor is only good against Tryko and Dio.