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Procerathomimus way too strong in this tourney

This thing with so high attack is overpower +high speed… Losing speed tie is not an option when meet this thing…


And it always dodged my attacks!

The first time I lose using proceratomimus: Proceratomimus vs titanoboa. @IndoG2

It’s has power but indom can counter it, just a little HP nerf like 3100 it’s enough,


I prefer dmg and speed nerf… 1300atk + 129sp should be ok

i disagree there are several dinosaurs that can easily counter the mexi chicken ( yoshi ) in many ways so your comment is moot and null and void find ways around it brontolasmus kicks yoshi in the teeth big time, mujundaboa also does the same, even indom gen 2 grinds it into the dust if used properly … play the game beat yoshi and walk away from the battle with a big grin knowing the mexi chicken just got plucked big time ! lol :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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This thing way stronger than most of the legendary and even better than certain unique…


Yea I agree. I’ve hated procerathomimus since it came out. It’s too strong, especially in this tourney.


None of the Epics in this tournament can beat Procerathomimus consistently.

Majundaboa stands no chance if Procerathomimus’ Rampage is ready.

Indominus rex G2 only wins if 1) you somehow manage to predict your opponent’s move and 2) you dodge the Rampage.
There’s a lot of RNG and mind games involved.

Brontolasmus used to beat Procerathomimus, but I don’t think it does anymore, since it lost Definite Rampage.

As for nerfing the Procera, the main problem with it is it’s Health.


It’s not just this tournament. The creature needs a good nerf.


Here’s a picture from Poke Fodder video (5.2.2019)
Lv11 Procerathomimus

After Ludia changed Evasion, “No receive damage when dodge successful” into “Receive 34% damage when dodge successful”,
now Procerathomimus looks like:

HP buffed, Atk buffed.