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Proceratitomimus is rubbish?


I’ve created Proceratitomimus and it’s rubbish, it is only lvl 6 but seriously, only 2 of the 4 moves do damage, why? But what makes it even worse is the distract rampage nerf. What do you think though since it could make me change my mind. Off topic, If you don’t have an alliance then join the Troodon YT alliance now!


I see them around lvl 20 plus in aviary. They don’t survive much damage and my Magna loves some fried chicken! They can most likely be annoying much like old devil chicken but I run allot of nullify in my team and almost my whole team can one shot it! It’s an epic monomim practically lower attack around same hp. I would say fairly, rubbish for aviary anyway they prob run amok in lower arena!


I like it, but it needs higher speed. Maybe 110-115 would be better. Like the Purrolyth, its too slow and it bites it in the butt since so much can move before it .


When created its lvl 11, not 6. Also it has 131 speed.


Also immunity


I was thinking of the Edmont hybrid for some weird reason. My bad.
I think that’s my que to go to bed. I’m very tired. Lol

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Actually, I like using her. Many opponents underestimate her, especially her immunity.
She isn‘t useful in some battles, true. Poor hp and not so good attacks. She‘s not good against shieldings and tanks or immune chompers like Tryo BUT she is a great counter against Indoraptors, Spinotahsuchus and Monomimus.

I got one at lvl 18 and wanna go to lvl 20 but at the moment she‘s ok as she is. I still wanna reach 2k hp and 1k dmg.

I‘m battling somewhere in lower Lockwood, there that green chick is pretty nice even tho it depends on the battle and what creatures u use.
But that‘s the same situation as f.e. using Dracoceratops. A great dino in some battles, fastfood in other battles.


That‘s why I keep using her:


Its a strange one - fought an L22 a couple of times; one time I just one shotted it; the other it nearly took out my whole damn team - that sums it up for me.


It’s mainly a dino that tries to stay in as long as possible, while also dealing minimal damage.
It just makes the battle longer if it dodges.

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Nah I had several battles where Proceratomimus made my opponent suffer. :smiley:

It‘s not only a dodging chicken but also good counter against those dinos I mentured earlier.
I destroyed many Suchotators, Spinotahsuchus, Pyrritators and even some Iraptors. It‘s even more easier when opponent underestimated it and doesn‘t know how to handle her.


I won’t have you talking smack about my Christmas Ostrich! Also, probably a typo, but level 6 is below creation level. Procerathomimus is level 11 when you create her.

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Just had another battle where Pro destroyed Indom and dmged Indor.
She‘s dodging way more often than my Iraptor does. ^^


I hate to point out the obvious,but that’s not physically possible. You must mean level 11. That’s the lowest level Proceratomimus you could have.


That‘s already been said. :wink:


Proceratomimus makes a bloody pulp out of Diloracheirus, Spinachsuchus, Magnapyrritor (no crits), Momomimus and if played well even I-Rex, Thoradolosaurus and Indoraptor.

The only particularly bad matchup it has is probably Erlidominus. Against most dinosaurs in Aviary it can lay down a serious beating before going down. Even against Trykosaurus it can work pretty darn good.


Yeah. I‘ll go up to lvl 20 with her and then I‘ll wait for 1.7 if she should get a hybrid I‘ll go after that if not I‘ll continue lvlng her.


The Lack of Procero DNA won’t allow it to get above level 24 anytime soon. Until then I’m sticking with the original. It has taken down level 27+ Indo and Thor and Spino in a single game.


These are pretty OP if at a high enough level and with enough luck and prediction. For first turn u want to either set evasive, or if opponent is going with a huge damage move that cant cleanse, go with instant distract. Then ofc distracting rampage.


I love my green chicken.

It’s not for every circumstance though…