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Proceratops super hybrid

Time to design the stupidest hybrid of all time. Dracoceratops and Proceratomimus

Nullifying Speedup Strike
Distracting Rampage
Instant acute stun
Evasive Regeneration

Swap in nullifying rampage

Or procerathosaurus?

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Or for a hybrid following the hybrid rules:
Dracosuchus (Dracoceratops + Kaprosuchus, both at lvl 20 of course).
Rarity: Unique

Defense-shattering speedup strike
Ferocious strike
Shattering Rampage

Swap in definite shattering rampage.

Aspect: a bipedal Kaprosuchus with 2 horns and a frill.

Draco and Procera are both regular hybrids. So, it would still follow the rules. Right?

The rules are: no hybrid + hybrid. I can’t think of any critter that’s made from 2 hybrids so far. Unless Ludia adds the God rarity…
Draco and proceratosaurus maybe.

Interesting. makes sense but it’s still just two hybrids in the linage simalar to other super hybrids and they are both epic and no legendary.

Anyway I like the aspect thing. Here is mine.

Aspect: a bipedal lobster rat with feathers

Wait, Draco is a Legendary.
But yeah, lobster rat with greenish feathers and maybe a golden underbelly would look nice.

Oh ya your right lol Legendary from 2 commons is strange though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah, the only other one that I know of is Monolometrodon. And I’m hoping that one gets a unique soon. A purple unique kind of like magna but maybe different style. Heck I’d breed that with Kapro and make the first ever purple, immune croc.

Kapro + indo rex that would be cool

Indosuchus. Gray kapro-like immune critter that not only enters with a surprise definite shattering strike, but can cloak and deal 4x shattering damage. And can use Ferocious impact to further increase damage.

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