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Proceratosaurus as next season reward? Oh, no

We were able to get a peek at next month’s season reward and it looks like we can look forward to a Proceratosaurus tournament in October .

I’m already drowning in that stuff (4972 DNA).


They seem determined to have us facing at least one op annoying lower level rat.
We see less of the Draco Rat and way more of the Yoshi Rat now, so I suppose after next month it will be a level 30 Yoshi for everyone. Once it has boosts applied that will be 6000 health and 5000 rampage damage from an epic that’s so annoying as it is. The forum will be full of people asking why it’s so op, quite rightly so, good job Ludia :roll_eyes:


Could be worse though. Have you seen Phorusaura lately?


It’s lame that they introduce new event exclusive dinos and then make us wait months and months to get them from an event. Why even bother having event dinos? Release the damn things into the wild. Pyro, Anky, Mira, and now Proce. When will these crappy seasonals offer us something worth the time?


To be fair ankylo and pyro do make some good hybrids but agree on the others.


Anky and Pyro can also be hunted though. Events should give us event dinos.

…and that’s what sets you and I apart. I have a ton of Ornithomimus, never enough of this guy. Would love to swap inventories with you, on just these two, if such a thing were allowed.

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Ornitho is also everywhere for me, got 6182 of it (could have been more but I just don’t even bother to dart them, harder to dart than commons, unless I really need rare DNA for dailies). If only Tenonto and Wuerho were as common…

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This… why run seasonal events and introduce exclusive event dinos… then run no events for these dinos

They were like introducing new dinos allo gen 2… ect get them now them be sure to buy incs because we dont intend to run events to actually allow you to get them.

They have most likely determined people are gonna buy boosts no matter what so why offer desired dna. When they can sell them in incs.


Free DNA is free DNA. I may or may not need it but others will.

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Well, this is what matters to them the opinion of the players.

Before the version there were two almost unanimous opinions. They should nerf the goat and the Yoshi. What they did?

  1. No Nerf the #### censored #### goat that continues to spoil the game after I think 8 months annoying the battles.

  2. Instead of Nerf the Yoshi give him the biggest Buff of the version.

  3. Now it seems that they will give away the only difficult component of Yoshi for tons to make this infamous bug grow and be so hated, possibly more, than the goat.

I don’t know, maybe some marketing expert has come to the conclusion that if you treat players badly they become more addicted but all I see is good players, many of them who became top of the game, leaving the game disgusted .

For my part, I never evolved the goat and I will not evolve to Yoshi. I know that I will lose options for the tournament but, really, who wants to win a little more from Miragaia, the worst reward ever given in a tournament?

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I agree give us some nasuto, allo g2, irri, or bary g2.

Only noobs can’t wait for proce


And noobs wont get enough of the dna to really make an impact…

The only people that get large amount of season rewards are the ones that are also the less likely to use it.

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Wow, another pile of crap after the current season. Don’t say it’s useful for noobs: alliances exist also for this purpose, ie donating and trading dna.

I’m not saying tournaments must give event exclusive dinos only, but if the don’t, then they at least should guarantee dna we cannot trade in the alliance or are not allowed to generate in sanctuaries due to programners incompetence or ill faith (there’s no flippin’ reason for not placing flyers there).

Stop insulting your players base, thanks.

I don’t think its insulting players actually because noob players probably want it, so they can have op yoshis also. But when you have creatures op for there rarity. We don’t need extra dna of there components. That’s all I really mean. If these are the rewards its contributing to a bad cause. Why not just give us DC dna for the season. As if everyone doesn’t already have maxxed boosted rats on there teams

I’d rather something a little harder to obtain. Idk but my alliance maxes proce requests to 500 multiple times a week. It’s not the players fault we get noob dna like this and the currently active one

Noobs likely either already have it at low level arenas and are already ascending fast (I mean, the thing is in almost every daily incubator it seems), or won’t get this reward because noobs do not get at a high enough arena anyway.

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If you refuse to make Draco or Yoshi then that’s your loss…it takes strategy and fighting fire with fire, if you get to really know the moves of each Dino including these two who you are QQING about then maybe you can learn better counters : D

All the better to create rat repellent with

Simply, these two creatures are out of the range they should be. The uniques should be better than the legendary, the legendary better than the epics, etc.

It makes no sense that an epic is now almost the most decisive creature in the game while some unique are almost trash (stygydarix, Tuoramoloch, …). In the same way, it never made sense that the most decisive creature in the game months and months was a legendary created by two commons.

That, in pure logic should mean that this epic should be nerfed in the next version and, therefore, that it is a bad idea to spend DNA, coins and Boosts on a creature that is a good version for a “calculation error” of the developers , as seen with Monomimus. In fact, it would have been great if nobody had evolved them, but of course, that’s a lot to ask.

The point is that what Ludia did once with Monomimus, that is, to solve the “miscalculation”, did not do it later with the rat she never nerfed and to go further, now instead of nerfed to Yoshi, They buff it to the fullest without any logic.

In recent months Ludia has benefited those players who have applied the logic of seeking the short term instead of applying the medium-term logic that seemed correct. They shattered two of the best unique (Magna and Indoraptor) the previous version, although now he has put them back in the place they deserve. Now it is the turn of the Dilorachrius, one of the most difficult to obtain that in this version has lost much of its value. Instead they have never nerf the rat and now they do the opposite of the logical thing (not only I think so, the people of Gamepress still fail to understand why Ludia did that) with Yoshi.

As the coins are limited, I will continue to use them to evolve uniques instead of spending them on epics and legendary which, in pure logic, should be nerfeds the next version, although then Ludia does the opposite.

Of course, who prefers to take advantage of Ludias’ “voluntary mistake” with the goat and the Yoshi, is entitled to do so.


I forgot to say that it is evident that both the rat and the Yoshi have counters but it is very sad to have to establish your team’s strategy based on two dinos that should have much less power than they have. One thing is that I must plan a team and a tactic to counter Tryko, Thor or Erlidominus and another have to establish it for two creatures that should not be part of any elite team. It is very sad that people who have taken a lot of time and effort to create, for example, an Erlikospyx of 27 and then spent a lot of Boosts on it, should take it out of the team for not enduring the change of the rat.