Proceratosaurus everywhere

Is it just me or are the proceratosaurus everywhere? I mean I sit at home and get at least 20 in a day. If I do my gigs scent that’s can climb to 20 in 10 mins. Can we interject a couple of other rare creatures in to kinda spread things out evenly? Or is there a reason we are charging up on proceratosaurus dna?

I’m pretty sure there’s an event for dracoceratosaurus and proceratosaurus is needed to make it so that’s probably why

Jep, it’s for the dracoceratosaurus hunt. I see them non stop in the wild and loving it. When i giga scent they realy don’t spawn that mutch. Perhaps 2 each hour. I would love to have more. since i’m out of procera dna, and need to resuply.

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Never had an event creature spawn this much. Would have liked to have had all other event creatures in the same huge amounts… the ones that are actually useful I mean…

Never had a problem with finding commen and rare event creatures. Epics on the other hand pfffffffffff, i’m glad to find even 1. Most of the time its even 0. Butt after ludia’s public letter i’ll wait to come to conclusions. And see if this has been improved.

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