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Procoptodon- new VIP creature

Is this a 10k or 50k VIP creature? Any VIP member can check?

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It is not available in the 10k package. I can’t remember that a 50k creature was ever available in a 10k package too.

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It looks to be “VIP VIP”. Selfish me would rather it wasn’t, so i had a chance at getting it, but after all, lovely VIPs need lovely shinny exclusive things.


In the name of all those lovely VIPs out there, thank you.


It’s a 50k one. I hate that I feel like I need to collect all of them… that hit hard. lol. And had to get a Mr DNA statue as well!

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They need to add another way to get these. I am a huge completionist and this isn’t helping.

At least non-VIPs can get the 50k VIP creatures by paying the dino bucks to spin the diamond prize wheel.

I did have a question… for my Biodome, it says that I have used 38/38 slots… what happens if I hatch this dino if the biodome is full? Will one get kicked out? Will I just lose this one? @Ned @Keith or @Sionsith ?

You will not lose it. They will increase the capacity of our biodomes.

That definitely makes sense. But if I hatch it before they have increased the capacity for our biodomes… what would happen? I’ve just never been at max capacity for anything before. It wouldn’t move to the asset repository, would it?

Is this kangaroo worth 50k loyalty points? Anyone going for it?!

I’m so tempted. There is lots of time to ponder in this one.

I do like the new animation for the 'roo. Give credit where it’s due.

For me the Kangaroo is gone. It is no longer available in a VIP pack.
Does anyone have the same issue?

The rio is also gone for me.

If you search in the glossary, you can still buy 50k packs

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Strange but true. Thanks for the advice.

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