Profile stats id love to see

Not urgently. But someday:

Lifetime donations given
All time highest trophy count
Highest trophy count this season
Highest trophy count last season
Tournament wins (assuming actual tournaments, not pvp seasons)

Thats all I can think of.


Highest trophy count is tricky because once they reset, first player to win a battle or 2 will be ranked higher than probably ever before.

Should be a dynamic high water mark for the season as an individual.

Donation definitely. This one figure can tell many things, whether the player is active or not, and whether the player is helpful as a alliance member.

wins and losses :joy:

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I support the idea of adding personal statistics. These stats just came to mind:

  • Battles played
  • win/loss %
  • dino with most battles played
  • highest score during dna catching (darting)

I would very much like to see stats for alliance members.

Total DNA recieved.
Total DNA donated.
Last Online.

All I need to know, dont care about their arena records.

I think there are two sets of stats here. Alliance stats and personal stats.

Id love to see both.


Love these!

Win/loss % is going to be between 50-55% for practically everyone.

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You’re forgetting the top 100 people

Hence the addition of the word “practically”

I want to see total wins. Dont show me losses. Lol.

Would love to see # of meters traveled and number of DNA collected for each dino.

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So the challenge would be to reach +55% dont you think?

You can’t. If you win a few more you increase level and fight harder opponents until you are back at the 50% level.

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I’d like a personal journal that tells me the last 20-30 things I did in game. Maybe that’s also where they keep our stats.


So, assuming you are right because I think you are not;
even then… whats wrong with a win/loss % statistic?

Ask Apex team- they might know? Relentless-Legomin-

@Ned i see you liked this. Are you going to pass this along? Maybe a journal that has stats and recent activity would be very useful!

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