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Profitability in Test Servers

So, as we’ve had a week to ponder things, I think it’s time that we (and by “we,” I mean the budget committee at Ludia) seriously consider investing in a test server.
Look, I know that server space is expensive, and I know that this cuts into your bottom line, but you can’t seriously say that the cost of this server wouldn’t pay for itself. For several reasons such as player base, and staffing, a test server is such a no-brainer that the implied insult just reads as redundant. So please, somebody explain to me why we can’t have a test server.
Simply put: Ludia cannot afford another update roll-out like we saw with 2.9. I know many people who quit, cancelled VIP and other means in retaliation with the update issue. This has stirred up conflict within alliances, 3rd-party servers, social media, and yes, even here on the forums. I’d care to wager that if 2.10 looks anything like 2.9, this game could lose as much as 40% of its player base. Think of all the boosts you won’t sell. Think of all the cancelled VIP subscriptions. Think of that across all of your games, and the cost of the test server just makes sense.
But another factor must be considered. If I were a developer at Ludia, I would not appreciate the rigid timeliness without testing. I would not appreciate forced overtime to fix a problem that could have been discovered in testing. I would not appreciate the vitriol coming from the community over these unrealistic expectations. So I’d likely end up quitting to work for another software company. Now, let me ask: what happens when all of your best developers leave?You hire less-experienced ones who introduce even bigger bugs into the game. This becomes a snowball effect as the incoming developers aren’t familiar with the quirks of the source code and the bugs start creating their own bugs. And when the bugs get big enough, you’ll be able to defer to the last paragraph.
Those are only two obvious reasons, but others such as reduced maintenance times should also be considered as factors. I’m no expert in coding, my pedestrian understanding lacks nuance to really delve into logistics and planning, but I think I made my point. Should anybody care to add their two cents, I encourage it. But the point is: “Ludia simply can no longer afford to not test their games.”


@Ned @Hank I know 99% of what is posted in this forum never makes it to the devs but I agree 100% with this post and I feel it should be brought to their attention.

it’s really not


who said ludia cares? :man_shrugging:
current way may be working.

they say are working on a fix for donations issue for a full year, and chat issues they simply abandoned after a dozen updates.

what would be a client test for… show them bugs they won’t fix anyway? plus removing surprise element that brings many players back to the game.

i don’t believe their strategy is like we wanted to be.


Okay, a yes and no there. The biggest cost is equipment, installation and real-estate. The square footage required to run a server capable of running 10-20 devices with the sole purpose of breaking the game may not be prohibitively expensive, no. But the up-front investment, including the electrical work and installation costs might give some budget committees pause.
The other factor is the payroll to have somebody test the game. It may even serve Ludia to enlists members of the Amber Club as beta-testers, for example. HC and exclusive DNA would be a cheap price to pay. This opens up a whole other issue with security though. So as far as ironing out the details, I’m not close enough to Ludia’s decision making to even speculate.

My primary argument, however, is that Ludia can no longer afford to avoid this investment, and on this point, I’m sure we can agree.

This would be really great if it happens. Besides test servers, you wld need a grp of testers and maybe some training involved, establish a workflow/schedule tat includes system of reporting bugs, fixing bugs and several rds of verifying before releasing the patch. It does take a big effort to pull off such endeavours. The easier way wld be just to outsource such testings to third party companies if ludia ever decides to do so lol.