Progress 8 months, what I can do now

as you know I start again on 12th March this is my progress today. I want now go back to the my standard plan - max all creatures by time - now i am about to max all super rare hybrids (land), then all aquatic super rares (hybrids too,) then cenos and then start with legendary etc.

But I want to ask if i should made something else

(I know i need more stronger amphibians) now I have one level 40 sarco + 7 cards so when drop one more sarco i will made koola hybrid and hatch some to replace levels 20 and 30 diplosuchus place, and create 3 levels 40 diplosuchus to get enough strong amphibians

Should i do something else?

Strong creatures i have avaible to do at present time
Indoraptors (both)
Koolasuchus (already in plan with, almost in progress)
Diplosuchus (in progress)
Indominus (both)
Yudon or Allonogmius (depends on next cot)
Scorpios Rex
All super rare hybrids
Gigankylocephalus (have just 2000 SDNA for unlock dont planning to level him up in present time, if i will need strong herbivore I take monostegotops first)


  • all super rare hybrids
    Dunkleosaurus (I will reach level 89 soon which has Mosasaur in battle stage)


  • All super rare hybrids
    Smithoceras (after end of tournament)

There is mi line ups (sorry for much screenshots)


Imo best ones to work on would be ostaposaur, metriaphodon and segnosuchus, koolasaurs ok but I wouldnt be grinding more copies of something that has similar ferocity to diplosuchus.

As for carnivores cerazinosaur, but you already have indo unlocked so I would work on other classes first.

Monostegotops is great I would work on that sdna next as you already have the numbers for super tape.


Get ur allosaurus and yutrannus ready bc it’ll be either one but my moneys on troodon


it looks my problem with amphibian will solved soon, what more with my fav one. - Time to save DNA for 3 levels 40…


Just remember it’s been known that ludia can change the iconography for creatures, I think its protero still but I’m pretty sure eryops has had that background too.


eryops has diferent a bit + has tournament 7. May 2021


Your cenozoics aren’t too bad, I would suggest levelling your remaining VIP’s to level 10 or 5, depending on your choice, some level 30 legendaries woudn’t hurt too

Aquatics: a noticeable gap between your level 10 Ortha and 20 Ortha, but it isn’t really an issue as well as the gap between Henodus and Suchodus, I woud suggest some more lv 30 legendaries and some aquatic hybrids.

Your Jurassics are really good, I think a few more carnivores would do

Overall I think your Cenos and Aquatics need the most work on rn, however take your time and don’t rush as you have a decent lineup to take on all the events involving these two categories as you build it up

Aquatic and cenos will are in turn to max their super rares when I will finish land super rare hybrids

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Is this gud decide?

I decidet after i made 3 levels 40 of proterogyrinus to get these dinos to moves my team deeper in strongest

Matriaphodon level 11 - 20 3x
Diplosuchus level 40 3x
Youdon (whos compoment propably won cot again…) level 11 - 20 3x (Allonogmius if won bannano)
segnosuchus level 11 - 20 3x

*level will beetwen 11-20 will matter on the situation of lineup

ist that good decide?

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It is a good decision, wish you the best of luck :smiley:

what i want is balanced my team and will get good enough number of each type - will to ge good ferocity, also now i go write my team ferocity to see if there isnt any bigger difference

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