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Progress All Gone after Accidentally Uninstall

I accidentally uninstall and then immediately
reinstalled Lovelink (because touchscreens can be stupid when you don’t pay attention…)

Anyway, all my progress with the characters I had with then are all gone now! And I spent some money on this dang frustrating game!

Progress with the characters gone, gems I brought gone.

And I’m angry because you guys don’t have a way for us to save our progress. Can ya kindly help out a customer that brought gems from ya?

I don’t want to start over and if I have to that then whats the point in playing your game when you don’t have a way to save your progess in the game

Unfortunately there’s still no way to save progress via linking to a google or facebook account. I would shoot support an email ar and let them know your situation. They can only refund your diamonds though, so you’ll have to redo your conversations with matches.


Aww man…

Well thanks for letting me know. I just hope they’ll refund all the gems I have and used (probably not the latter but one can hope)