Progress and updates of my lineup

Continuation of my old thread to avoid a Necropost: What should I do for my lineups?

I’ve added several creatures since you last saw my lineup.
I took a 4 month hiatus from gaming but now I have specific plans.

First of all these are my resources:

This is my current lineup:

Plus the aquatic lineup:

Plus the Cenozoic lineup:

These are the upcoming creatures:

Results for the CoT:



  • Create 2 Nodosaurus level 20.
  • Create another Pelecanipteryx level 34

I have 100,000 amber.

I am welcome to all suggestions!


Can I see how much s DNA of each type you have?

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@Tommy_Paoly Very balanced and also try to get level 30 legendaries they will help you along the way

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Yes, in the future I will work to create Unaysaurus and T.rex at level 30

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O think you should get diplosuchus when you get enough for a second copy. I see you are already working on it

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no, the diplosuchus would have a higher ferocity than my VIPs and I have enough amphibians

Level 1 won’t and you can never have enough amphibians

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you may already be right :grin:

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Also don’t forget the common hybrids they are very helpful

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How did you get Priotrodon

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I found it in a Rarity Rumble package. I was very lucky

Oh cool, i got Metriacanthosaurus from a Cenozoic Battle

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Very luck :clap:


The events continue … the entrance to the first CoT is approaching: they are at 24/28.

DNA is also ready to buy 3 Nodosaurus:


Some of my most important projects are:

Unlocking the Juggernaut:

Reach 1000 S-DNA to be able to create my first Super Hybrid:


As for today … quiet day:

Xiphactinus unlocked again:

Done Boss Events:

And welcomed my new friend:

See you next update!

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Many things have happened in the last few days!

  • I arrived Dominator at the Arctus tournament:

My plans for this bear is to buy another one and make one level 20. Then I’ll stop with him.

  • My FIRST CoT is finally over!

I have to say it was exciting to participate in the first CoT and honestly not that difficult. The battles were challenging but not impossible.

The Nodosaurus is a fundamental creature for my lineup! I plan to buy 3 more copies to have 2 level 20 nodosaurus. The cause is my shortage of herbivores.

There have been new additions to my lineup: (unfortunately I don’t have the photos)

  • Tyrannosaurus level 30
  • Suchomimus level 30
  • Unaysaurus level 30
  • Metriorhynchus level 40

Future plans:

  1. I want to create the first common super hybrid, the Pelecachtylus!
    I currently have 750/1000 S-DNA while the Pelecanipteryx is fine.

  2. Creating the Metrialong and bringing it to level 20: this shouldn’t be difficult because I already have the components ready.

  3. Creating Stegoceratops and Upgrading it to Level 20 - I only need two copies of Stegosaurus Level 40.

What Should I Do First?
  • 1- Pelecachtylus
  • 2- Metrialong
  • 3- Stegoceratops

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Today I attended Kaprosuchus because I was bored:

But I can’t do anything else because Maintenance has already started in my country (Italy).

Remember that any advice is welcome!

See you next update!


Non so cos’hai fatto in questi giorni, ma sono d’accordo con la maggioranza dei voti. Fare uno Stegoceratopo al 20 è sicuramente la scelta migliore, almeno per quanto riguarda la tua lineup. Anche il Pelecactilo non sarebbe male, perciò vedi tu a chi dare priorità. Un Metrialong al 20 sarebbe quasi identico ad un Carnoraptor al 20 (che hai già), quindi non credo possa esserti utile.

Translated from Italian

I don’t know what you’ve done these days, but I agree with the majority of the votes. Making a Stegoceratops at 20 is definitely the best choice, at least as far as your lineup is concerned. The Pelecactilo wouldn’t be bad either, so you see who to prioritize. A Metrialong at 20 would be almost identical to a Carnoraptor at 20 (which you already have), so I don’t think it will be useful to you.

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.


Oops I should have written in English. My bad. I thought it would have been fun to talk in Italian with a compatriot. I have re-read the rules, but I ain’t sure if this counts as some sort of warn or not.