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Progress made

After all of the time and battles, both in game and in the forum, I am finally ahead of where I started with the reset… I’m sure I’ll drop 300 tomorrow though lol

On a great run, and want to keep playing, but I work in 6 hours

Sorry to say mate I’ve been up there and back again :wink:

I too had some progress today

Thought I’d sneak in a quick challenge before my flight today and got this bad baby

Pretty much as good as it gets for rock monster

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Me too!

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Got them half way to level 6 now :slight_smile: not sure if 50% chance is worth using yet as I have the maxed restore pants

I prefer the epic pants for damage and legendary for restore. You can’t restore with the pants if you’re immobilized and that’s one of the more common crowd control strategies.

Yeah that’s annoying when immobilised but I don’t have the legendary pants :jeans::wink:

Wow talk about a bad way to use up the last of my gear quota on the current double gear challenge

Am I being punished? :wink:

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I have still never gotten three of a kind

1 in 8000 chance so it will happen eventually :wink:

Hope yours are 20’s

1 in 8000 for a specific number 1 in 400 for any random number .

It doesn’t matter what your first number is so call it X
1 in 20 that the second number will match times 1 in 20 the 3rd will match equals 1 in 400. It only becomes 1 in 8000 if you are looking for a specific 1st number as well

And yes I hope it is 20’s as well lol

Yes I had a special first number on mind 20’s which causes that error :wink:

(1/8000)* 20 then for any number :slight_smile:

I gotcha… I would be excited just to see a triple anything lol

Triple triple 20

One hundred and eighty!

For all you darts fans out there

I just know that I will get the triple 20 when I want an 18 or something lol

I made a big boo boo the other day on that triple gear challenge

I was trying to milk the 20 (42 wizard epic lightning rod) and some other number (rare wizard boots) and rejected the 18 twice (1800 of the rare quiver). Was forced to take a huge amount of garbage after a bad 1 die run and never got to select the 18

Kicking myself later bcos the real prize was the 18

Would have just maxed the rare quiver :frowning:

Honestly I don’t remember the last time the 20 was the best prize for what I was working towards

Alrighty going to bed again. Since I went to bed last I slept then worked 8 hours. Have had about 40 pvp battles and am down 20 trophies.

That is still 80 above where I started the reset and about 400 above my low point

Nice dood

I always realised the 18 was the prize but I was trying to play the quota

The 18 would have blown the gear quota in one go

I think I got the 20 twice, the cleric rare pants 3 times (maxed them) and was going to accept 18 next time it came up

Unfortunately I got rail roaded into accepting heaps of some garbage

The regret was that I should have just taken the 18 in the first place - better than all the other stuff I got combined