Progress of duties frozen

For over a week now two of my duties have been frozen and won’t progress. I need to know if there is some way to get them unfrozen without re rolling. I don’t want to lose any keys because of there bug But I would love to be able to continue completing duties. Please help me. I reached out in another topic but they didn’t seem to care as now that topic is hidden and closed. I massaged one of the moderators about it and no response. At this point im getting frustrated and have slowed playing the game so much on account of this. I do love the game but there are just a lot of bugs that are let go to long and its really affecting game play. Any help I could get with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I think everybody had this problem after the update but for me it helped to reroll them one time. After that the coin and fish duties worked fine again.
So just reroll them one time.

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I’m sorry to hear that your duties are not tracking properly, @Brittany1. Our team is actively working to resolve this.