Progress wall

I’m halfway through level 4 on the way to 5 and still in the mines. I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t beat the boss to continue progress (boss level 8). However it looks like you can’t go back and redo stages? How are you supposed to progress? Keep playing the same stage, dying, and getting a couple of coins and doing this 30-50 times to get enough to level up one piece of equipment for one character, while also opening chests every 3-12 hours to get a couple more?

If that’s the case, I’m quickly done with this game. It’s a shame because what I’ve played, I enjoyed, but if they are wanting me to constantly shell out money to progress… The amount of money it seems I’d have to constantly pay is ridiculous.


Yep. All of the heroes I have so far are level 4, with 3 of them about to hit 5, and the others about halfway. This game is incredibly stingy with the resources, and needs some serious balancing if it wants to survive. I could have seen myself playing this game on the daily; as it is, I may end up either uninstalling or only logging in every now and again. So much potential, but it all feels wasted because the game doesn’t want to let you improve, other than at a snail’s pace. A huge black mark with the not being able to repeat quests, in my view.

You can get through it without spending money but it does take longer and longer to level up and advance through the “story missions”.
Three notes… First equipment is more important than dungeons for leveling up. This does make gold at a premium. You get free chests every 4 or 5 hours and a free challenge every 4-5 (one is every 4 one every 5 I forget which is which) this can help without beating a dungeon.
PVP chests help as well and PVP is free and fairly balanced (I’ve never lost more than 3 in a row, and only won more than 3 in a row once).
Sometimes you can just get lucky or unlucky. I know trolls would 1-shot me when I first faced them. Strategy is needed for tough battles but sometimes just having a different order of turns makes a difference (e.g. using the fighter’s taunt before any attacks).
Finally just because there is a better quality item didn’t mean it works better. Most of the time you want the top tier you can use and best stats, but sometimes you will find having a spell which reduces AC is better than a hold spell.
Hope this helps. I will say using the free gem offers helped me progress and that with no extra gems you need to grind and wait.