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Progressional Goal unlocked?

I was collecting coins and I saw “progressional goal unlocked” (or similar words) show briefly on the screen. I have seen this before for no reason. I Don’t know why it would say that? Did not unlock a Dino, or raise a Dino to unlock a beacon badge, or unlock a new section of park. I am already at level 99. So I assume glitch. Maybe it has something to do with changing the beacon?

Also what does it take to get phenomenal research results level 40 badge?

Not sure about the first part.

But Phenomenal Research results is having 5 lvl 40 legendary hybrids.

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My best guess? When the community challenge hits a portion of the goal:

That sounds like the answer for progressional goal. Thanks!

Also thanks for clearing up level 40 hybrid badge. When they introduced them, I qualified completed for all but 2. I will get the 5 level 40 hybrid aquatic one soon, but the 5 legendary hybrids is going to take some time!

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