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Project: badlands

So, my alliance is strict about doing tourneys but the problem is… I cannot do tourneys yet as I’m still in s.s.arcadia. They gave me a month to reach badlands and now I’m on a mission to reach there! Please give me advice on my team and wish me luck to reach badlands!
My team:
Compsognathus lvl 13
Carboneyms lvl 13
Blue lvl 12
Diplodocus lvl 12
Scorpious rex gen 2 lvl 12
Tyrannosaurus rex lvl 11
Suchotator lvl 10
Doedicurus lvl 12

Wish me luck!
( P.S I’ll be posting milestones on this page so stay tuned! )

Why not work on some legendaries rather than sticking with those rares and epics…get some medium ones now before going to the good ones


You are in our discord, correct? We can help you with raids, every rare, epic, legendary, and a few uniques (Smilonemys is a cakewalk). So ask for help In a raid, and we can join you in it.

I’m alr focusing on dracoceratops

Welp, going strong! Increased by a 100 trophies in 10 minutes! That’s a lot! Going strong!

Almost reaching nublar jungle!