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Project Dioraja

Hey guys! I’m 2 months and 12 days into JWA. One of my long term goal is Diorajasaur! I really love Rajasaurus, as it’s one of the well known dinosaurs of India.

JWtG’s Rajasaurus was kind of okay, and the hybrid was in my opinion awful. However, Rajakylosaurus and Diorajasaur look so much more appealing to me.

I’ve been feeding, interacting and playing with nothing other than Rajasauruses and Ankylosauruses, and requesting nothing but Tuojiangosaurus, and Raja/Anky on Epic Sunday. The Legendary Rush was a good boost to Project Dioraja.

Here is the current situation :

Screenshot_20210616-093602_JW Alive
Screenshot_20210616-093607_JW Alive

As you can see, I’ve requested so much Tuojiangosaurus from the Alliance, Goose Gang2, that I have enough of it to take it to level 20 as well as a few Dioraja attempts haha. Rajakylo is going steady as well. By the time the next coin sale comes up I may be able to get Tuojiangosaurus ready for level 20, and if I can collect enough cash within then probably Rajakylosaurus to 19 as well.

In this Thread I hope to share my progress on Project Dioraja, as like mentioned it’s one of my favourite creatures of this game. I’ve had this Project in mind since a few weeks but today I decided to share updates on this with you guys here as well.

Thanks for reading! ◉‿◉


Also, the new Update is out and I have to say the Scorpius Rexes are quite tempting. For a short while I was considering to pause Project Dioraja, but nope I’ll finish this first, Dioraja is top priority for me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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He is very dedicated. Every time I get on, I see a Tuojiang request up. I send it because I ain’t gonna fuse Tuora for a while, and I got 11k stockpiled. He is very dedicated and nothing stops him when Fury gets going. Man is really a machine when it comes to farming that oily dna.


Update on Project Dioraja!! Rajakylosaurus is now level 19 :partying_face:

Screenshot_20210617-120048_JW Alive

Within the next coin sale, I can get Tuojiangosaurus ready for the big 20 :facepunch:t3:

Screenshot_20210617-120108_JW Alive


Thanks Cheese! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Update on Project Dioraja. Got a 10 on the most recent attempt :tired_face::crazy_face:


Ow. Hate when that happens

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Ooof. That’s always the worst. I’m just praying that it doesn’t happen on my next Tryko attempt.


All the best!

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Update on Project Dioraja after requesting Ankylosaurus on Epic Sunday. Got 40 Rajakylosaurus DNA total, can attempt on it one more time today. Status :

Screenshot_20210620-090654_JW Alive
Screenshot_20210620-090705_JW Alive


Small milestone to be reached soon!! I need 15K Tuojiangosaurus DNA total now, factoring the step up to level 20, and enough for 25 Dioraja attempts, in essence, guaranteeing the quantity needed for unlock. I have 8K already now. On calculating, I can touch 15K within nine days :star_struck:

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nice bro you are going good


Still steady as always… I think within this week itself I can level Tuojiangosaurus to 20.

Screenshot_20210621-072046_JW Alive
Screenshot_20210621-072051_JW Alive


Milestone reached !!
Tuojiangosaurus is 20 :partying_face:

Screenshot_20210621-115918_JW Alive

This… Does put a smile on my face.

Screenshot_20210621-115924_JW Alive

Rajakylosaurus :

Screenshot_20210621-115927_JW Alive


Ah yes, the chosen one grows. Dio also unlocks a lot of raids for you. And to any opponents or raids you think are too strong to handle:



Ragnarok :pleading_face::100:



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And where’s I have to start my own Project Dioraja. I seriously need to get back into raids.


uhh ik this is out of the box but which are new weekly inc rewards

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