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I was stuck on that one too prior to today, I ended up leveling charlie and went from there.

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So how go the campaign requirements beyond those?

Pretty easy, I know one of them is have a creature with a lockdown move at level 16, which you can use Rixes, and everything past that is mostly just level requirements. I used Rajanky, Thyla, and Indom and could get all the way to mission 70.

And honestly, it’s worth it. Each battle gives legendary DNA, some Epic, and most importantly, coins. The last missions of the section also give rather good incubators with a load of gains.

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Yeah was on that mission, gallimimus and armbourgiania took care of it. But beware, a level 18 T-rex awaits, and it can only be defeated by the stuns from level 17 creatures.

I assume your foe was the tragodistis?

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Was able to attempt twice on Rajakylosaurus today, got a 40 and a 10 which was perfect for…

Second Dioraja fuse :partying_face:

Screenshot_20210704-093815_JW Alive

At 70 now :love_you_gesture:t4:

Screenshot_20210704-093822_JW Alive


I’m writing this reply on this thread so as to not go off topic on the announcement…

The last Meta list I saw was on February and didn’t see any updates yet. Is there an updated list? And if so, could you please link one? Thanks in advance!

I don’t have a list on the updated tiers, but Dioraja has fallen a bit due to a lot more players using Grypolyth due to the swap meta.

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Oh, okay. Thank you for the information!

Np! This is also why there’s been a drop in people using Tryko as well. Since those 2 are particularly weak to Grypolith, there have been less people using them

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I’ve heard so too; I read the Thread of Dioraja, Thor and Tryko falling out gradually. I’m working on two of those for my first Uniques and watching them decrease in glory lol but oh well, should still do me good in the lower arenas :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thor is still very good. Don’t let anyone tell you different. And with the rise of Flocks, you’ll see a rise in Dio and Tryko as well most likely


That’s reassuring. Thanks once again!

Any updates, or just been grinding components while also working on Tenrex

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Dioraja Fuse 3 day after tomorrow!

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This weeks event should really help you and anyone else going for dio because you can get tujo and raja this week

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Dioraja Fuse 3… :slightly_smiling_face:


3 fuses and 100 DNA is amazing for a unique

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Dang 3 fuses on my dio would give me 30-50

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Dio Fuse 4…!

Almost halfway there!! If possible I can fuse again again tomorrow.


today you can collect Rajasaurus DNA and can request for other epic dinosaurs dna and you are able to unlock this unique dinosaurs . i also got my account from support team now i am in the way of legendary dinosaurs . i have unlock indominus rex . now i am in the way of Tenontorex and indoraptor . good luck brother .

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