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Project: How many players are active in 10 Alliances (since last reset in trophies) THIS is the ANSWER!

Hey Folks,

I had some time to look at a New Project I found out.

How many players are active in each alliance since the last reset?

I have looked at my last 10 opponets that I battled in the arena, this is the result!

Alliance 1:
46 members and 21 players haven’t done 1 battle since reset.

Alliance 2:
48 members and 21 players haven’t done 1 battle since reset.

Alliance 3:
49 members and 45(!!!) players haven’t done 1 battle since reset.

Alliance 4:
21 members and 20(!!) players haven’t done 1 battle since reset.

Alliance 5:
42 members and 31(!!!) players haven’t done 1 battle since reset.

Alliance 6:
48 members and 24 players haven’t done 1 battle since reset.

Alliance 7:
47 members and 3 players haven’t done 1 battle since reset.

Alliance 8:
2 members and 1 player haven’t done 1 battle since reset.

Alliance 9:
50 members and 3 players haven’t done 1 battle since reset.

Alliance 10:
49 members and 8 players haven’t done 1 battle since reset.

Total members in alliances: 402 players
Total members who haven’t made 1 battle since reset: 177 players.

44% drop of players…!

Is this a good review of the state of the game?
Is this a good amount of active players?


Not exactly the most accurate example.

How hardcore are these alliances? Do they specifically tell their players to play every day? Are they casual? Furthermore, it’s only been a few days since the reset. People are likely still getting back into the grove of things from the holidays.

Just saying.

This is exactly as I thought it would be.

On both my accounts, one at 51** and one at 38** I have to wait ages for a human match up.

It’s hardly surprising though since Ludia decided to sell boosts every day, and unique dna as there is little or no balance any more.

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I get that there are lots of casual alliances and it’s only a mobile game to many players.

But 3 days after a reset and such a high proportion of players clearly avoiding the arena is a pretty good testament to the state of the arena.

And it’s as accurate as accurate can be from what I read, just saying…

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Seems about normal to me too

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My team knows that if it goes 24 hours and you have 0 trophies you’re gone. There is no excuse. Especially if you get on and request dna.

Everyone has a few minutes spare time to play a day. Break at work, restroom, before bed, during dinner, tv commercial break, so many opportunities to do some battles.

If you’re a daily player and you’re active there’s just no reason you can’t do a battle before the day is over. I work 10-12 hour days and I got my trophies during work.

I give my alliance at least 24 hours because we are international so I take that into consideration. If a member doesn’t give a heads up that they are going on vacation/holiday then they’ll get kicked.

If I accept a new member with 0 trophies i kick them instantly.

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This games playerbase is way to casual to judge anything three days into the season and thats not a guess. I track keep a track of this number on a lvl 1 account that plays one battle to be ranked so i can view total players since Ludia is so tight lipped.

These seasons normally go like this.
By day 2 150k people have played one battle…
Day 3 180-190k players… at that point the counter slowly crawls up.
Week 2 250k players.
End of season 300k players.

That is a trend that has stayed fairly consistent through all of the last three seasons.

This season so far.

Day 2 102k players
Day 3 125k players

So it appears we have a decent chunk of players that havent played yet that normally do.

But this game has always had way more casual players then daily battlers. 2/3 of this games pop does not battle even close to every day.


My alliance is full of casual players, not everyone plays every aspect of the game everyday. Usually at the end of the first week I may have 5 players that haven’t battled. Right now I’m at 20. It’s still too early in the week to judge my group but I do feel that’s slightly higher than last months reset.

With the reset, players might hold off going into arena till the monsters move out.

Top 500 return from Shores and kick the Gyro Depot residents down to Library. Library residents are pushed to Aviary. Aviary fliers are down out of the sky to Manor. Manor dwellers are evicted to the Ruins.


What do ya mean man? There is plenty of balance…oh you mean arena, I thought you meant their bank accounts lol


I think a lot are leaving the game now due to not getting event creatures/supply drops etc so now it will show more on this season’s reset


Yes, that’s very much it. I have been kicked down from 5800 to 5300 and keep back and forth everyday. In my alliance, 36 players out of 50 have not touched the arena yet but I guess I am not too strict on them since many don’t add DBIs but collaborate through other targets.

That makes it a bit hard for me to maintain a constant flow of battles alongside keeping our alliance website going 24/7 doing all the daily updates takes a lot of time to compile it all into a normal post like ( selecting pictures of the daily dinosaurs that appear in the game each day, new items released, any special events being held, game information being updated daily, strike towers with any and all available information regarding each and every strike tower etc etc ) then doing my own daily tasks as well as trying to fit in a normal / acceptable flow of battles be they arena, friendly challenge, tournaments,etc etc as i barely have enough time to grab something to eat & drink at times. add to that normal day to day living ( working, shopping, washing, cleaning house, appointments doctors or otherwise, ) aaaaayyyyyy carumba where has all the time gone to i wonder ?? lol
:thinking: :scream: :thinking:

To make things worse.Since reset i have done only one battle.So i don’t have zero points in my alliance.
So count me out of Battle Activity.

The only thing arena helps with is incubatorsand DBI. Battles you can do friendlies or try the 1 campaign mission you havent completed 1000 times.

There is 1 more reason for 0 trophies rating. Cant get a win or soft ban.

Not gonna talk too much about the soft ban because that is how some people got soft banned.

Why do you provide them with so much information? Props to you that’s great but man don’t stress yourself out.

They can save the picture of all the daily dinos to their phone as well as all the area and park spawns. They can save the event calendar pic to their phone as well. That shows all strike towers and event dinos.

Personally I wouldn’t do all that. If someone ask I help of course or if I find out what the next creature of the month is or something I’ll tell everyone. However at the moment everything I do is through the junky alliance chat. I’m considering a discord though.

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The examples you give, hardcore alliance that communicates to their players and demand they play, I believe those are the exception rather than the rule (The hardcore alliances are the minority).

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I played battles because i had to enter in the season but the unbalance is annoying and bored I played 3 battles to try reach library but Indo G2 boosted and 3 levels superior are really bored