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Project market

I will try to empty my market of creatures and nothing else, I will show my progress in this topic and I invite other people on the forum to try to do this, that’s all XD

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Share your market here.

What is your creature count? And what creatures have you got? And also do you have any in great numbers? Best to shift all super rare and under with CT creature to DB to get rid of alot of them, speed hatch all common and rares on a hatchery discount, legendaries and tournament legendaries are not worth trading for db or any other resource and it’s best to wait for a dna/lp/db/food offer to appear for them.

Good luck!

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well, I have 790 creatures, of which 10 percent of the creatures on my market are tyrannosaurus, pteranodon, unaysaurus and surprisingly, lytrhonax

Good advice!

I had my market cleared twice before but I’ve intentionally amassed some legendary cenos and aquatics. When I have all of those maxed then I will sell the extras… probably get rid of 5 per day for atleast 1k dna each.

I have one decoration though… An apatosaurus fossil.