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Project:periculo (File 72-D4N632): Kaiquetra


What is it?

Kaiquetra is a privately owned organization, who specializes in DNA splicing. They are most commonly known for the people who created the monsters of Chaos Effect, which were responsible for the extinction of Isla Sorna’s wildlife in 2003.
Not only are they known for the Chaos Effect, but are part of a much bigger field, the Illuminati (more on that later). They have been creating monsters since before John Hammond, and they are always a step ahead of humanity.
After the events of Isla Sorna, they began a new project, which originally didn’t belong to them, File 72-D4N632 or project:periculo (periculo meaning danger in Latin). The project was originally made by Dr. Robert Oswald, great-grandchild of Dr. Oswald Avery Jr, and was thought of in 1990. When Dr. Oswald came up with the idea, and later creating the weapon dubbed Arthur in 1993, he started a new line of work. (more on this later.)


project:periculo was a project that was meant to take the DNA of test subject 75-L4MP237, and create highly trained and vicious clones of it, to make weapons that couldn’t be stopped. Kaiquetra eventually made a clone, dubbed “prototype test subject 76-W34P0N”. The plan worked, test subject 76-W34P0N bonded with test subject 77-80ND3D, and everything was going according to plan. But later was sabotaged by none other than Christina Oswald, daughter of Dr. Oswald, and original owner of Arthur. Chris (Christina) had been in project LAMPREY since before Kaiquetra took over, and she wasn’t letting it go.


I’ll be explaining more of this next week. I’ve only started with this concept so I’m still making tweaks here and there, but it’s all coming together nicely. The main climax will be based in New York City, 2014. Chris Oswald will be part of the profile and family line posts. It’ll take some time but I’ll make an entirely separate post explaining Arthur and who or what he is…


Arthur is similar to Indoraptor in the sense that he’s a mutated hybrid raptor, but more intelligent, quicker, and has a lot more features than just the “Indom” look, and is a whole lot more passive than the "Indom"s will ever be. Arthur has an entirely new hidden ability as well.


Nice, I think you have some great ideas.

Thank you :relaxed:

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