Project: Save JWA

We need to find ways to bring JWA back from the dead. Face it. It IS dead.

But there may still be a glow of hope among the dust. We need suggestions on how to bring it back. My ideas? Buff pterosaurs, and just straight up remove stat boosts. Like seriously, stat boosts are the reason many people, including me, left the game

For me, I’m probably not gonna come back. But maybe you can make some suggestions to revive the dead game. Maybe even get it back to the glorious stage it was in before 1.5. That’s kinda when it all went downhill.

We need suggestions. So please consider joining Project: Save JWA.


It’s not dead though. It’s far from dead.


But it is… or at least it’s dead body is just starting to rot away.


Why it is dead? I don’t get it


There is alot fixed… Haven’t you noticed in the game?

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So just because you’ve lost interest in the game and are leaving it is a dead game?

There’s too many of these silly topics these days. The game is far from dead. Just because people aren’t happy with certain things doesn’t mean the game is dying.


I only see Mimimi in this forum.
You think you speak for the most of the players?
The most of new Playstore Reviews shows a very different point of view :wink:


Just play in the arena for a few minutes…


I have played at least 30 fights today. Where is the problem in the Arena?

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I play the arena multiple times every day. What is your point?

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No I only ever speak for myself. I know I ain’t important enough to speak for no one else.

But it’s funny that a dude who don’t play the game is proclaiming it dead. While he is sticking around for “moral support” being negative during a very negative time.

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Bruh, stop arguing. That isn’t the point. It is dead. Stat boosts made at least 50% quit.

Stop asking these kind of questions and think of ways to fix the game.

50% quit? Stop plucking stats from thin air.


Maybe you have fun in the arena cause your team is good.


Nobody agreed with you.


Also, theres a topic called “JWA is dead” with 30 people on board.

Oh great, now I’m gonna get into a 3 hour argument with@GPx. Please spare me your overgrown Ego.

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I don’t think of myself as important, i just know that the game isn’t dead.


Plenty of people agree with me. Your not the only human on Earth.

What’s ironic is that everyone who still loves the game has come to hate on ME, and all the people who agree with me are somewhere else. Where are my allies when I need them?