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Project Scorpius Gen 3

Hey guys! Though Project Thor is still in progress, I was a bit confused on which Unique to work towards next. However I had been casually fusing for Scorpius Gen 2 since it was introduced (for no absolute reason), looking at it now I think I can bring Scorpius Gen 3 into the spotlight.

Just evolved Scorpius Gen 2 to 19 today…

Gorgosaurus :

I can take Gorgo to level 17 with the DNA that I have now.

I’ll keep the components as they are for now, after Thor is unlocked I will begin work on Scorpius Gen 3. Thanks as always for reading, and staying by for the previous projects from Diorajasaur to Thor! ◉‿◉


Tou have the exact levels as me for scorpio gen 3, let us keep working!

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Yes, work on Scorpios Gen 3! It’s very good!

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Good luck with getting scorp 3! I’m sure you’ll unlock it by the end of the week lol



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Im also working on SRG3 im not as close as you but good luck :smiley:

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Good luck on him! I am conflicted on if i should go for scorp, utarinex or continue to build phorurex :sweat_smile:

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Can’t wait :flushed:

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