Since i have Dilophoboa and Spinosaurus both Lvl 17 maybe i can unlock spinocon soon

Also i will request spino DNA on my alliance

Update:Both Spino and Boa are lvl 18

Good luck! Titanoboa will be hard to get!


She may not be meta dominant anymore but she’s still incredibly useful!


Let’s hope this doesn’t happen to you


Ooh. Is that an old picture?

Fun to run too. Surprisingly good in raids given the amount of bleed you can do. Plus EWS is currently broken as the hit targets the minion but the DoT targets the boss (unless there’s taunt involved. Have mine at 30 with a couple health and speed currently. I’m focusing on other things right now, but at least to me Spinocon will always just be the best looking snake. Because I play way too much ARK.


What arena are you in

I would recommend a build similar to this

I have only boosted speed to 132 and it works really well in lower aviary which is my arena

In the estates i think

Go for 2k Attack at level 30 and the rest into health

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Maybe 1 speed if you want to