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Project Tenontorex

Hey again guys! This is my Third Unique Project, up there with Project Dioraja and Project Thor.

I’m still working on Dioraja whereas I’ve paused Thor for now, and I’ll risk adding that it was a slippery thing to do specially since it had taken a good step up yesterday. I realised that Tenontorex would actually be easier to go for now, since all components are basically DNA Request obtainable.

Pausing Project Thor at this time for me though is still manageable. Dioraja however can still run parallel to Tenrex.

Due to the Championship last month and Goose Gang2, I do have a good head start as well…

Components status :

Tyrannosaurus Gen 2, Tenontosaurus and Dilophosaurus Gen 2 are those I can basically requested through the day.

Thanks for reading!


GG for the dub.

Anyways good luck

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i have to say you have a very good alliance


Good luck with this carnivorous herbivore, cant wait to see the amazing progress

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Just remember, tenoto is event exclusive and if people have it, they use it.

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Good luck to you on your next endeavor.

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We are both going the same unique


Project Tenrex has a minor but quick update…

Couple more DNA requests and coins should get Tyrannosaurus Gen 2 up to level 15. :love_you_gesture:t4:


have u got indo gen 2

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Yep, I have…

im currently working on tenrex alsomy tyranno is almost 20 and tenonto is 17, im trynna lvl up tenonto to 20 , i just need 30 more to unlock it , am lvl 12

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Update : just unlocked this beauty!! :heart_eyes:

Screenshot_20210710-143045_Video Player


noice , keep it up

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Van a nerfear a tenonto… Yo no lo subiria de momento

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Translated : They are going to nerf tenonto … I would not upload it at the moment

Wait really?

So do you actually go out and hunt for DNA or do you just constantly request it from alliance members.

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Welcome to the Forum! The second option.

There’s not much that indicates this, so you should be good.

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They’re probably not gonna nerf, it isn’t op. It isn’t even leaked a tenrex nerf in the datamine

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Here i’m working on him too

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