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Project Thor

Hey guys!! This is my second Unique Project, after Project Dioraja which isn’t exactly over but the two can now go side by side. Diorajasaur required 12,500 Tuojiangosaurus DNA to guaranteed suffice 25 fuses, and now that I have it I decided to go for another Unique but this time a milder to make in difficulty pick.

Thoradolosaur is made of two easy to find Commons, and one Raidable Epic. Now that my Tuo requesting spree is done I can go for Allosaurus and Tarbosaurus, with Sinoceratops from Raids. I still use my Feed, Interact and Plays on Rajasauruses and Ankylosauruses though, thankfully Thor components blend in quite well with a run towards Dioraja haha.

Anyway, here’s the status of my Thor components :

Screenshot_20210630-064207_JW Alive
Screenshot_20210630-064217_JW Alive
Screenshot_20210630-064225_JW Alive

It’ll take me a while, I’ll post updates here. Thanks for reading! ◉‿◉


Another Fury project, another story to follow.


Good luck on getting thor, God of crits and king of nitro boost lol


a new project come of Jurassic fury … :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :sweat_smile: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Thor, God of Hammers :crazy_face:


nice progress .i am happy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Good luck to you on this endeavor. May this Critical Deity being you glory and death, to you and your enemies alike.

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Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin intensifies

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Bruh how you only been playing for 2+ months and already starting on uniques meanwhile me a seasoned veteran of 3+ years only has 5 uniques at lvl 18.When I was lvl 11-12 only had a full epic hybrid team with maybe one legendary that being draco.:slight_smile:

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You cant compare JWA now to JWA when it came out.
Now we get way more coins and DNA.
And it sounds like you arent that active, if you only have 5 uniques after 3 years man :stuck_out_tongue:

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I played daily>:)

I don’t think giga scents were out yet either.:frowning:

Nope uniques:)

People improve and play the game at different paces. There isn’t one way that is correct, it just depends on if they wish to be a causal or hard-core player.

Another factor is that it is faster progress in the current state of JWA. Alliances accelerate your game by so much due to donation requests, mission rewards, sanctuary’s, AC rewards, etc.


Yeah in the earlier days it way harder to grind and I didn’t have a good alliance so that to.:slight_smile:


After 3 years it can look like this as well. The only money i spend is for VIP, when we got a good month.
I took also some breaks from the game. Thats why mortem and lux are a bit behind in level.

:(Want that team I also took like a half year break earlier this year.

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And me no have VIP.:frowning:

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Thor is the first unique i now unlocked but its not that good in the arena according to my experience

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@Thordo @Persianking44 @Cheeseeater @Saurophaganax18 @Snake_Dude, Project Thor just took a good long step up! Thanks to today’s coin sale, I could get this boy up to here :

As for Allosaurus, two more requests which shall be done tomorrow, would meet the DNA enough to evolve it to 15, in essence, Allosinosaur fuse ready.

As for Sinoceratops… Yeah, I’ll have to go with Raids for now haha.

Going with Rajasauruses and Ankylosauruses still on Sanctuary DNA collection, as Project Dioraja still runs alongside. However by the looks of it, it seems that though starting late Project Thor might catch up fast (or overtake!) the speed of where Project Dioraja is going at the moment haha.

But yes, Thor and Dioraja which I found are perfect to side by side for me since I’ve collected all the Tuojiangosaurus I need for 25 Dioraja fuses (and two of said fuses got me 50 and 20, so Tuo DNA shall be leftover for Tuoramoloch fuses when I start working on it!) so I can request Allosaurus and Tarbosaurus now. Should Dioraja complete before, then Sinoceratops will be having all the spotlight from me in Sanctuary and Epic Sunday too.