Project Vexus

I’ve decided I’m going to unlock a unique that while may not be that good, I still love, and that’s Pterovexus! Here is the progress:

While I wait to level up Monomimus, I need some tips on getting coins that don’t involve doing the arena, since I’m basically broke on coins.


Try and max out your supply drops everyday and do every strike tower available for the extra coin. If you haven’t tried to complete the entire campaign you could do that too or open the 10 extra incubators that you can get from the raid bosses. Hope that helps

Hit your limits, every day.
Supply drops, strikes, donations, daily missions.
Best of luck on Vexus!!!
I’m in high Library/low Gyro, using and absolutely LOVING it.
20/5/5 boosts.


Daryx is way better though

So, RaptorJay said he’s building it cause he loves the creature, not because it’s better or worse than something


I wish Vexus was better


Ooo vexus (:black_circle: :hole: :black_circle:)

(Vexus reminds me of Texas)

Fuses 1, 2 and 3: