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Hello! As an avid Jurassic Park and LEGO fan, I have decided to set myself a challenge! I have compiled 3 amazing scenes from the Jurassic Movies that I wish to try and create from LEGO using a program. However, I am undecided on which I should go for so I thought I would leave it up to this community!

Scene 1: The Demise of Dennis Nedry

This scene has to be my favourite from Jurassic Park. In both Novel and Movie, this scene always sends shivers down my spine. From the hissing of the Dilophosaur to the sheer terror and confusion of Nedry, this scene is truly something to behold!

Scene 2: Battle on the High Street

The climax of Jurassic World is one of my favourites of the franchise. From the building tension of the Indominous fighting off the Raptor Squad to Rexy charging in to defend her kingdom, the battle is something truly epic!

Scene 3: Atop Lockwood Manor

Seeing this particular scene after months of anticipation truly made me feel joy! The building of the music, the pitter patter of the rain against glass and the creep factor of the Indoraptor all help to make this scene truly extraordinary! And who else could help to defeat the Indoraptor other than the main target of the “rescue mission” other than Blue!

  • Demise of Dennis Nedry
  • Battle on the High Street
  • Atop Lockwood Manor

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Demise of Nedry :100:


I love all those scenes! Even though Rexy eating the guy off the toilet would be pretty awesome as well. :rofl:


:rofl: @Piere87 Yes! This one!!!

Scene 1!

Who doesn’t like the one and only, Dennis Nedry? :man_shrugging: :smiley:


#secretunlockablecreature cough cough…