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I want to do something like @Jurassic_Fury ‘s project dio and project thor.

I need suggestions for a unique , preferably not using epic dna. Other than that I do not have a preference.

All credit to @Jurassic_Fury I will delete this post if you request me to ( I do not know how to delete posts though so I will need to ask someone).


Why delete the post? I did not make the word Project. :wink:

Not sure if there’s a Unique without needing Epic DNA. But I think Indoraptor from the Raid Boss would be good to go for starters for Uniques since there are Strats that have Irritator level 15, hence finding suitable raid partners you could start collecting Indoraptor DNA.

Thor also is decent in terms of component collection, two very common creatures and a Raidable Epic.

However I’m again, not sure how well these do in Arenas. I just went for them casually.

Thank you for the suggestions , i think I will look for a favourite unique but I might end up not.

I suggest that you go for tenontorex, it’s a good strong unique that isn’t made of epics as you requested. It’s made out of a event exclusive rare in tenontosaurus, dilo gen 2 which is a common and a global spawn and finally the rare Rex gen 2 which is a global day/dawn/dusk spawn. Hope this helps you decide😊

I’ll do tentorex because it doesn’t use epic dna and I already have 66 of it , dracoeratosaurus and indoraptor would be my other option

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so what was his project about and what does that mean yours will be about? haha i’m completely lost.

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This is about what project I should do

what do you mean project? like which creature to level up and use or something?

Thee was going to be an ellipsis but it didn’t go though so it’s kinda like fill in the missing gap

@Phil, this is what the Projects were in question : Project Dioraja and Project Thor where I work on two Uniques, in essence my first two. I had made two Threads to post updates. :sweat_smile: