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Promise of one Tier Boost per week

So if I recall correctly at launch of 1.10 the promise was you got to grind enough boosts by doing your daily battles to level up at least 1 tier per week.
I never miss a daily, battled quite some more last week because of alliance missions (not that it mattered as the rewards have vanished) opened all incubators did the boost striketower but still no tier to boost. I got quite some boosts yes, but as they vary (speed, attack, health) none of them got to 100. Am I the only one? :thinking:



Examples, You could get

Week 1:

50 Speed
50 Damage
50 Health

Week 2:

50 speed
40 damage
50 health

Then you can boost 1 speed + 1 health in 2 weeks. In other Ludia version, 1 per week…

I guess.


Exactly but that’s not what they stated. They stated you could at least boost one tier per week… another bs statement I guess

happy with the game, boosts and MM ofcourse, not complaining, just some fact checkin

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Lydia’s Response:


Its best to picture the patch notes being read to you by a shady used car salesman. Things make alot more sense after that.

Remember this is company that spins their own patch notes to make something that should have read in the 1.5 patch notes. “We’ve significantly reduced the spawn rates of trex as we felt it was to common of an epic spawn” but actually read " We’ve rebalanced spawns to take into consideration of a dino being used in multiple hybrids like trex"

Anytime they post a change with some vague wording… i try to see all the possibles ways that vagueness can play out.

Like when they announce a tournament with specific rules and entry fee and prizes i know there is a combination of the stuff they announced being part of the tournament but not all of it.


My response to “boost at least one tier per week”? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. There, I said it :upside_down_face:

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Kinda like election and political promises, and legislation proposals… :rofl:


You thought they meant 1 Tier for all 3 criteria? That would be crazy! Everyone could Boost an entire battle team of 8 in just 4-6 months. What would the point be if everyone had fully boosted teams?

She ment you could boost atleast one tier every week. But thats not how it really plays out… last week i was unable to boost anything… this week ive already used a tier. And with some luck cause ya know boosts needed rng i might get another done.

But that means on avg we can earn enough for 1 tier a week. Which is not really what they said.

Side note though is I thought that whole reason for this boost rework is we both can have max teams with max boosts… but its how we use the boosts that make a difference. Because thats the version of the game id like to play and rather it be months away then years aways.

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No that’s not what I wrote nor meant. I meant one tier period. Could be health, attack or speed. Now it’s none

You could have 2 weeks of none and then on the 3rd week, you can boost one tier in all three at once. Then 3 weeks to get boosts on all 3 to 100 again.

I’m drowning in speed boosts. 580 on them, 29 on attack, and 69 on health.

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DBI = 12 per day = 84 per week
Strike Tower = 25 per week
Battle incubators if just open four 3-hr, one 15-min, and one 8-hr each day = 12 per day = 84 per week.

That’s already 193 per week. Use daily HC to speed up incubators and you can easily be over 200 per week.

I get that… that’s not the issue. What I mean to say (in case I still haven’t been expressing it clear enough) is that Ludia specifically stated that you’d be able to upgrade at least one tier of any stat a week just by doing Dbi’s and striketower. This is clearly not the case as the boosts received are scattered over all 3 stats…

I’m fully aware you could gain more.

Any idea as to how much more stats are given if you speed up the incubators vs non-sped up incubators?

Some claim to grind up to 1K a week

Completely depends on your willingness to grind matches. In another thread a few from apex predators had stated they had been in contact with Ludia and were told the 120 match timer put into beach. Was put their because people had been “excessively grinding” incubators and had gone over 1k boosts in two days.

Someone insert that picture with irritator saying “that sounds very irritaing” on this thread please

Oh, so you are saying that in any particular week you may not be able to do a Boost even though ON AVERAGE you do.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find something to complain about. But with effort comes success.

But, since a F2P player can actually earn 300 Boosts per week, even this possibility is near impossible.

Why the cynical tone?

300 if you speed up your incs or play 24/7. 193 if you do all dailys, get 5 incs a day and do the trike. Still 199 RANDOM boosts so 50/50/93 or any other randomly divided amount still doesn’t guarantee 1 upgrade a week…