Proof That 100 Fuse Is Possible


A lot of people complaining about fusing recently. I got like 8 10s in a row today too, but just so you know this is possible (maybe the first pic of it happening, at least on this forum). This is actually the 2nd time I’ve fused stegodeus for 100 :wink:


I write down every single fuse I do. Always looking for that sweet spot to move to a legendary. In the few thousand fuses i have done… never once have I seen the elusive 100. 70, 80, 90 many many times. Just not the grand prize yet


Congrats by the way! Not only on the 100, but on it being on something of usefulness.


There was a post before the congrats… flagged for now. Must have used a wrong word somewhere lol


My pic showing 100 was awful :sweat_smile:


Very nice. Especially on something good.
Never had 100 on anything
Best on a good dino was today
Had a 50 on indo Rex today - which made me vey happy as have had over 20 minimum 10 DNA fuses on that previously, so it was good to “save” 200 TRex DNA as really struggle to get TRex