Properly Power-scaling Uniques

So, I’m not sure where to begin with this,

An update or two (maybe three?) ago, I vividly remember Ludia mentioning that unique hybrids will be power-scaled based on how hard they are to make, but I can’t disagree more with this sentiment.

Looking at the past few updates, looking at the new uniques that have been released, I cannot help but feel that nearly all of them have been terrible. Poukandactylus has horrendous stats, Skoonasaurus is easily outclassed by the other two unique sauropod titans; there are most certainly a few more to add in this category, but I digress.

Then you have other unique creatures, with all their materials being quite easy to obtain (no event exclusives) and absolutely decimate the arena. Some examples of this include Magnapyritor, Erlikospyx, and Mammolania, to name a few.

So my question to Ludia I suppose would be: Why haven’t these creatures been balanced to mirror their difficulty in creation? For clarity, I will present a list of creatures that require event exclusives VS those that do not, just to show that some of the best hybrids in the game do not reflect the message given to us players.

Unique hybrids that require event exclusives:

Unique hybrids that DO NOT require event exclusives:

To clarify: I am completely aware that this statement has been true in regards to some uniques, such as Geminititan and Tenontorex, but the inconsistency of said statement is my main grievance. Some of those super difficult-to-make hybrids will most never likely see any play, whether it be a bad move-set or horrible stats (sometimes even both).

What do you guys think? It’s just been a thing that’s been bothering me for a while now and I had to voice my opinion at some point or another.


As long as creature availability continues to fluctuate every now and then, availability-based power scaling doesn’t seem like a very good idea.
But yeah, they don’t really follow their own rules.


While this is completely its also very hard to scale cause other also require “exclusives” but sometimes its just a more accessible kind. Like for example local exclusive spawns, park spawns, time of day spawns. Some other can be incubator exclusive, or battle exclusive. And other like the bosses are raid exclusive

So while something say for example like trykosaurus and smilonemys are both equally as hard to get since they both require 3 epics to make trykosaurus should actually be stronger because of the finer details

Trykosaurus = Ankylosaurus ( Area 1 anytime) + kentrosaurus (park anytime) + Tyrannosaurus (global anytime)

Smilonemys = Pachycephalosaurus (local 4 anytime)+ Smilodon (global daytime) + Carbonemys (global anytime)

Now you many say well smilonemys has to share DNA with Testacornibus and while true Trykosaurus has it worse. Cause trex is actually used to make 3 hybrids and ankylosaurus to make 2. Shown below

We wish it could be like this there is a lot of factors to take into account but this a step in the right direction


Agreed, I feel that if they make a statement like the one they did they should stick to it. It’s incredibly unsatisfying to spend so much time making an impossibly hard unique just to find out it’s terrible.


I encourage discussions such as this one. Speaking on the subject while adding to the conversation helps Ludia get a better idea of what this conversation is all about. Hopefully one of the mods actually finds and reads this thread; it’s one to really think about.

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That, or don’t make those statements in the first place if they can’t/won’t stick to them.


In regards to Spyx and Magna both had an exclusive ingredient up until 1-2 patches ago and the introduction of sanctuaries. You pretty much could only get that DNA in large amounts on the rare occasion they could be darted 1-2 days a week or spending $$$ on ncubators from the in game store.

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I wouldn’t count arena exclusive creatures under the event exclusive category. Sure they were harder to get than those in the wild but they were still available at all times, unlike creatures such as diplodocus.

Even among “event exclusives” there’s huge differences in availability. Since 2.0, how many chances have we had to go for stuff like Haast Eagle and Nasutoceratops vs Quetzalcoatlus, Tenontosaurus, and Wuerhosaurus (I don’t think Wuerhosaurus has been available at all). Since availability is so inconsistent and changing constantly, I think they should just scrap the “less available = better” rule, and just try to make everything balanced within it’s rarity, especially since they’ve been terrible at actually following their own rule. They can’t even make higher rarities consistently better than lower rarities (Dracoceratops, Monolometerodon, Sarcorixis, etc.), so why are we (or Ludia themselves) even trying to hold them to an even higher standard of balance?


That’s definitely true. We can start with the newer uniques since if I’m not mistaken all of them are terrible. There is not a single new unique that comes to recent memory that is actually good, PVP or raid-wise.

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Skoonasaurus does have some raid viability actually, but it’s the exception


Despite what Ludia has written in the past, this has never been true nor do I expect it will ever be true. It goes beyond the uniques of course and the impact gets exaggerated by boosts. An easily created hybrid with a great pvp move set will get boosted excessively and imbalance he arenas while poor move set creatures are never used regardless of the dna required to create them.

While i will say that they have been doing an awfull job at folowing their own rule, i am still not giving up on it and made a whole list ranking these uniqes.

I actualy realy agree with that rule, why the hell would i bother working my booty of for porky or acrops when i could just go for monolometro, why would somone who spent 2 days darting monos and dime g2 get to have a legendary stronger then somone who spent 2 weeks or more sant farming rhino and going out on mondays darting archeos.

I mean yeah obviosly execlusive component uniqes shoudln’t act like they got their own rairity or something but just enough so there is a somewhat noticable diffrence, green rat shouldn’t be trash conpared to maxima, and maxima shouldn’t be op compared to the green rat, but i want there to be a clear diffrence that something as hard to make as maxima is stronger then something as easy to make as the green rat

Tho if they folow this rule there is some huge balancing that has ti be made mainly buffs but nerfs as well, i mean spyx lania and magna aren’t too hard to make but they may deserve very slight nerfs or not at all, yes they’re strong but the execlusivity rule should problably just make it noticable that hard to make uniqes are at least somewhat stronger then the regular ones and it shoudln’t make certain uniqes unusable


I agree, ESPECIALLY with these new poor excuse of unique hybrids that we’ve been getting over the past several updates. Can’t even remember the last good one we got tbh

Lania was the last good one and the green rat is usable but outshined by the red one, tho i think they’re just rushing out weak uniqes that won’t annoy anyone just for the championships

Let’s not only mention the ones which were ruined by 2.0

I don’t realy remember too many getting ruined other then like indo. lania and dio were just given a new role