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Proposal for Ardentismaxima

My Proposal (which Im sure ludia will ignore just like other players’ proposal are getting ignored) is to bring back one or two attributes:

  1. Increase attack and crit- you lowered its defense by lowering its health so atleast make up for something on offense. You are using brachiosaurus as its predecessor yet it doesnt get anything from it!

  2. Increase hp and armor- if you’ll stand your ground in claiming that it’s gonna be a tanker then maximize its tanking abilities to give it a fighting chance. Its low attack, low crit plus and very little distraction resistance is useless. And dont argue that its normal attack has cleanse distraction. It wont win with it!

  3. Give it full set of resistance by adding anti rend and dot- this is just similar to number 2. Make it “tank” dinos attacks!

Yes people will say it is to much to choose between the two but its a fair trade. Why?? Your going for a dino that is hard to make since the update so why the heck are you going to make one that is a mid tier unique than can be beaten easily by easy-to-make/ get epics and legendaries. Can be beaten bu monolometredon? Seriously? A dino that is composed of 2 common dinos can take down a unique that takes ages to make? I dont know about you guys but its a big joke. And it reflects your actions.


I agree with you @Paine26, but you are forgetting that Ludia nerfed Ardentismaxima because of the players who constantly complained that she was too strong.

Maybe she was, but not to the extent that they nerfed her.

The saying ‘Be careful what you wish for’ comes to mind when speaking of nerfs.


Here we go, ANOTHER buff Maxima thread… Where are all the buff all the other unique thread though? With 2.0, they have nerfed awesome dinos like Erlikospyx, Erlikodominus or Geminititan, yet, there was not one single thread about buffing those. I understand that it was nice to have a dino that could wipe out a whole team, but currently, it’s nice to see those other Unique dinos coming back and adding variety to the game because Maxima was slightly nerfed. The fact that they made a huge mistake two months ago and buffed Maxima even more OP that Gemini was before 2.0 (remember: everybody was complaining about 6000hp for Gemini back then, but suddenly, now it was ok for Maxima) was an horror, that made a whole bunch of unique almost useless. Now that Maxima has been slightly nerfed (it’s still used in all teams, still an awesome starter that can always kill the first dino on the other side) it’s absolutely nice to see some other Uniques dinos coming back to the board. Any buff to Maxima, and all those dinos will go back to oblivion again… So, personally, I truly hope Maxima stay as it is… Sure enough, I would like it if Ludia would reset the boosts only on Maxima. I’m 100% sure nobody would pull it out of their team…


guess i’m the only one who has. replaced Max with Rinex for now. still deciding which dino i want in that spot.

Wow, ok, if you didn’t had Rinex in your team to start with, you must have an impressive team! Not seeing many Rinex so glad to see that the nerf on Maxima will bring more new dinos that did deserve to get some love too.

i wouldn’t say it was that impressive. More built around dealing with Max and Tryko pre nerf.
Max, Tenonto, Thyla, Tryko, Constrictor, Dio, Gem and Orion. Now that both aren’t as strong, i can bring in some more cunning creatures since i was lacking that variety.

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Definitively an impressive team… Just wow!

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Ardentismaxima will you marry this person? XD

I personally feel like these three are pretty balanced. Spyx is very different then pre-2.0, but still good (though we could really use a good high-level bleeder right now).

But I do agree that we don’t have to put ALL the focus on Maxima right now. There have been a few other threads I’ve seen, for Thor and Entelolania for example. But I think the Maxima issue has been sort of worn out in discussion, and we’re just going back and forth and recycling the same arguments. I do think Maxima needs a small buff, but everyone already knows that. Let’s give some other dinos some love too.

I did also pull my Max, but mine was unboosted (with the rest of my team) so there was no risk. Not having a boost reset kind of keeps the meta in the same place, with everyone just using the stuff they already boosted.


It was the best i could make to deal with those two with the resources i had. I didn’t use any boosts, so the sting of taking off Max wasn’t as hard on me personally. but my coin wallet is definitely going to feel the sting of leveling up a different creature now. but 2 lvs isn’t as bad as say 6

Maxima does need a small buff, but I’m not sure this is it.

The attack nerf was probably the best part of the nerfs in my opinion. It still has quite a good attack for a resilient, and still does 4800 damage with two non-distracted rampages. That’s enough to take down most chompers. The crit stat was never nerfed, it’s still at 30%, which is plenty high on it’s own.

I tend to lean towards this option the most. Maxima should be losing to fierce and doing well against resilient, but it needs to do better against cunnings. A small HP or especially armor buff helps with this, or giving back some distraction resistance.

Simply put, no. Maxima is a tank, but rend and DoT are specifically designed to take down tanks. Having Maxima resist those would be like having T Rex resist distraction.

My personal opinion is that balance should be based on rarity, not how difficult something is to make. As a unique Maxima should be a bit better (as should several other uniques), and Monolometerodon probably should be a bit worse (but that’s another discussion), but obtainability should have nothing to do with it. Dino availibility changes constantly. Every month we get different monthly rewards, different tournament rewards. A dino might be rare one day and everywhere the next. Rarity, on the other hand, is consistent. That’s not to say though that every dino of a higher rarity should beat every dino in every lower rarity. If that were true, all dinos below legendary would become useless around Mt. Sibo, where I’ve seen legendaries show up! It’s good that there are some early game dinos that players can invest in because they remain viable in the late game. And countering matchups can transcend rarity. Just because T Rex is an epic and Velociraptor is a common doesn’t mean the raptor won’t beat rex every time if they’re around the same level. As a fierce-resilient, it makes sense that Maxima is countered by a Cunning-Fierce like Monolometerodon.

Honestly Maxima does need some help, it really does. But I don’t think it’s quite as bad as you think it is.


I think that’s the most important lesson we learn with the 2.0/2.1 update. I’ve played one full month before boosting. It was absolutely awesome! And then I was stupid enough to boost back just before 2.1… :sob: One sure thing, I now envy everybody who didn’t boost back, and sure enough, that’s my plan if there’s ever another full boost reset! Lesson learned!


i would’ve boosted earlier, but with how much they were messing with IIT, i held off. still not particularly happy with the balance yet, so i’ll have another update of not boosting my arena team. maybe i’ll boost in 2.2.


UB is awesome, I’ve noticed that matchmaking gives you some unique matches, and you can change your team on a whim if you so desire. It’s pretty great, but not good for the impatient and easily frustrated, as you won’t climb a lot.

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Maxima has been reduced to a gecko for raids.

I’ve seen many threads asking for buffs for those dinos when 2.0 came out, and i have posted many suggestions as well, just like I did for maxima recently. It’s just that maxima has taken the most recent biggest hit, so we talk more about It. And as with all those dinos we give lots of suggestions and then leave It be for some time and hope there’s some change next update. We could be talking more about It cause just like Maxima those other dinos need a buff, but personally, I’ve given a lot of feedback and suggestions already so i don’t feel like repeating It so soon :laughing:
But If you wanna make a thread reworking those weaker dinos I’m sure there will be many suggestions cause people are not satisfied with them right now, including myself. Although i don’t think erlidom and spyx are weak right now, but i would prefer spyx as a bleeder.

For the record, i don’t think most of the community thought It was nice having maxima that way, I’m sure you saw the complaints everywhere and the many reworking threads. But i don’t think maxima staying weaker as It is now is the answer either, to me the answer was always to bring more variety, there’s too many resilient hybrids and too few cunning and specially few pure fierce.

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To be honest. Yes I was the one who asked for a Maxima nerf. But I wasnt asking for a big time nerf. My replies on treads are ALWAYS SLIGHT NERF. My post is always in consideration how hard a dino is made. Maxima is hard to make now thats why it should be on the higher tier. Again its so bad now some epics and legendaries that are very easy to make can take it down easily. I used monolometrodon as a sample as because its a clear example how underpowered maxima is for a dino that is very easy to get yet in my opinion is one of the best dinos now. Yes its a legendary but check how easy it is to make it and how great it is to the point where it can topple some uniques.


You definitely weren’t the only one asking for Maxima nerfs, and most nerf requests I remember rightfully asked for small ones. Funnily enough, some people have argued that the more extreme nerfs were valid because Maxima was too easy to make in the past, proving my point about how variable obtainability can be, and why we should just focus on rarity instead. Again, it’s still a unique, so it should be balanced like one. That goes for other lackluster uniques too.

I’m sorry if my last response seemed a bit harsh. I just really want them to find the right balance for Maxima, so that we as a community can move on to finding other ways to improve the game.


Giving it anti rend and bleed resistance will make it a better “tank”, but the already lackluster bleeders and renders will take a heavy blow. These two things are supposed to be a tanks weakness so you can’t make Ardentis resistant to them. That like giving a rex resistance to distraction. What will its weakness be then? Also Monolometrodon needs a clear nerf, and losing to it doesn’t really show that Ardentis is weak.

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Lol I don’t know if you were just echoing my comment or not, but great minds think alike :joy:

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