Proposal for Raptor nerf


Ludia could do the following to balance Raptors:

  • Raptors can be used in combat - but you won`t get any other incubators but the 15 Minutes ones.

  • Players using Raptors have to defeat all 8 enemy Dinos, whereas the enemy only has to defeat 3 (if not using any Raptors).

  • the Raptor Pack (Blue, Charlie, Echo and Delta) becomes Legendary and VIP-only. Players who got them will lose them unless they have a VIP subscription. New VIPs and people who already are VIP get a one-time offer to buy them for 80$. The Raptor pack is faster than any other Dino in the game and does not have a cooldown for Pounce.
    I know you dont want to read something like that - but Raptors have to be balanced! And its most likely Ludia will do something about that issue, if they can make a lot of money with it!

  • all Raptors (except the Raptor Pack) get 10% less HP, 20% less damage and Pounce has a cooldown of 3 rounds.


Lol, you REALLY hate raptors, don’t you. Raptors need a nerf but not this big a nerf. No dinosaur should be VIP-only, it would only make the game even more Pay to win. And no dinosaur should be treated differently than others - having to face 8 opponents or adding an incubator cooldown. That’s just wrong. Also, having to face 8 opponents instead of 3… You are implying that a raptor is more than twice as powerful as any other dinosaur, and that’s not the case. I’ve won matches against a level 20 velociraptor with no raptors in my team and an average level of 14 among my own dinosaurs, and the opponent wasn’t stupid either, so it CAN be done. Raptors can be countered. They just need a little nerf.

How about this: Using Pounce adds a debuff that prevents you from swapping for 2 turns. Pounce has a cooldown of 2 instead of 1.

That simple nerf should be more than enough to balance raptors. If after that you keep losing, you just have to learn how to counter them.


Wow. That is not a nerf…thats just insane lol…they’re annoying and like the guy above me said…need a little nerf but not like anything you suggested. VIP only Dino’s? 8 opponents Dino’s if you’re using raptors? Only 15 min incubators? …that’s way over the top…what the guy above me suggested was probably the best idea. 2 turn cooldown for pounce. Raptors can be annoying but their are ways around them


Don’t forget the debuff, though. If raptors can swap any time, the cooldown won’t help much. Raptor swapping is probably one of the things I hate the most about this game :tired_face: also, not a guy XD


I hate the Pay-to-Win element of the game as well! But…sadly that is the only way to make Ludia do something… :frowning:
And - the VIPs would get only ONE CHANCE to get the Raptor Pack! If they miss it - they are out! Because the Raptor Pack can only be purchased for those 80$ when you first become a VIP! They will not be rewarded in events, they will not show up in the wild. So I think there would be many VIPs who don`t own the Raptor Pack, because they did not take their one and only chance.


So you just want to completely obliterate raptors from the game, except for people who pay ridiculous amounts for them. I couldn’t agree less with any of this, sorry.


They need to nerf pounce, set the cooldown to 3 instead of 2. And abilities cooldown should not reset when you change dino.


I love reading these stupid post so much, im lvl 10 and 3400+ trophy and never had problems with raptors :smiley:


Not as high as you only 2100 trophies but also raptors are not the enemy like the Vietcong (although one is named Charlie) my einasuchus and trex make minced meat out of them! Unless it’s a level 15 but I rarely see those in the lower level of the badlands!

The thing that keeps them in check is their low health usually one hit can take them out


Yeah the debuff is important, had plenty of people switching out raptors lol so I definitely agree with that. Oh I’m really sorry haha…Lady* xD


Almost as bad as the hit and run feature of some dinosaurs! A very chicken poo move if you ask me! That feature should be nerfed


I suggest buff other not armored/shield dinos instead of nerf raptors.
Actually the problem is, for other carnivore dinos and Hadrosauriforms, raptors can easily kill them. But armored/shield dinos, especially those with slow-down attack could simply counter raptors.

Also, if you are in arena 7, there’s no any Owen’s raptor squad. They are difficult enough to power up now, so no one will use them. I don’t think they need more limitation.
All you can see are over-leveled V-raptors and Utasinoraptors, along with some Pyroraptors & Utahraptors.
(I think Utasinoraptor is far more powerful for non-raptor dinos.)


I agree with nerfing pounce to 2 turns, but what needs to be done is seriously nerf players that dominate by overkill using 8-raptor teams.

I propose that 8-raptor teams should only become possible once a player reaches (at least) arena 7. This gives other players a fighting chance, and doesn’t allow the raptor teams to drop arena levels (unless they alter their squads to contain 1 or 2 raptors).

While the idea of making the “Blue Squad” into legendaries sounds okay, you have to take into account the fact that they each have their own “skill set” and stats. It’s when they’re combined that they actually pose a distinct threat. Most battles I’ve experienced against them only tend to have one or two of the Squad raptors, and if you defend correctly, you can actually one-hit any of them.

The biggest issue I can see here is in how the arenas are levelled by trophy count. This has allowed players to drop into lower arenas and wipe the floor with new players, using their raptor teams.

Make it to where if you want a full raptor squad, you won’t be able to do so until arena 7 - and everyone’s happy.


Are you seriously?? That’s almost same as they will be removed from the game!? And what you have against Raptors? You need only right counters and It’s there!


I’ve got nothing against raptors. They have their uses. But i’m against the unfair advantage over lower level players who are still putting efficient teams together.

For instance, let’s say you’ve built a team of nothing but raptors. You drop down to a lower arena, and it’s no contest. You dominate, due to an unfair advantage over lower level players. If you change the rules to where you can still use raptor teams (but only above a certain arena level), this allows newer players to be able to formulate a good counter.

If a higher level player wants to drop his squad in on a lower tier arena, the rules should also say that the player must remake his team before entering combat. If you can’t manage without 1 or 2 raptor types on a lower tier, then what does that say about YOUR own ability to strategize and come up with a counter, instead of over-relying on the raptors’ ability to dominate by overkill?

As for myself, I am constantly coming up with new strategies, new teams. But I never totally rely on my raptors.


Absolutely not.

You’ll hear me on the side of not wanting to see raptor saturation - I think the rest of the dinosaurs should have their moments to shine - but your changes would obliterate them.



It wouldn’t obliterate them, it would keep them from being overused.


Besides, gaining an advantage over an opponent is one thing, but THAT much of an advantage (all-raptor squad) is overkill.


I’m not suggesting they be removed completely. I’m suggesting they be contained.


For clarity, my comment was in response to the OP.

If my hidden suggestion post ever gets unhidden again, I have a handful of more incremental suggestions that would give more reasons to use other dinosaurs without detracting from the draw of raptors, so that people like me can avoid feeling like we NEED to adhere to the Raptor/Tank meta and be competitive. :slight_smile: