Proposal for rebalancing 4 Uniques

Hello there regular readers of forums and possible devs I have made this post as a proposal for rebalancing 4 unique hybrids that I would really like to see.

For this post I have chosen Entelolania, Skoonasaurus, Anarctovenator and Poukandactylus.

First is Entelolania:
As you can see its a rather simple and relatively easy change for the Mohawk Turtle, some minor move changes and a small buff to armor and you have a unique that’s viable for both raids and the arena without be a one trick pony.
Replace Emergency Heal with Mutual Fury and Bellow with Devastation and you have a resilient with a very great damage output potential while keeping its stats the same.
Swap in Defense and Minor Heal on Escape were added to make its playstyle far more interesting.
plus a small buff of 75% stun resistance couldn’t hurt.
Entelolania Rebalence

Next is Skoonasaurus:
For Skoona I wanted it take a different path compared to its other unique sauropod contemporary’s, I changed its kit to more closely follow its ancestry while also making it far more interesting rather than worse maxima.
Resilient strike has been replaced with vulnerability strike
Group Decelerating Rampage has been replaced with Group Decelerating Impact
Instant Invincibility taunt has been replaced with Devastation
and Medium Resilient Counter has been added
with this new kit on hand Skoona has a very large damage output capability but sacrifices the ability to cleanse distraction and it must wait in order to release its strongest attack rather than having it on turn 1

Next is Anarctovenator:
One of the newly released uniques Arctovenator finds itself in an interesting predicament having amazing stats but a move kit that doesn’t really reflect it so I took it upon myself to give a new set that makes it a far better generalist that it is now.
I replaced Cunning Strike with Shielded Taunting Strike to give it a little more defense when it needs it
In place if Defense Shattering Impact is instant distraction due to the fact counter attacker preform really well when they can provide themselves an opportunity reduce incoming damage
a small but noticeable buff to its armor from 15% to 20% couldn’t hurt right?
and finally replace its nullifying counter with its parents Precise Shattering Counter to bring its wild card status full circle

with this new kit Arctovenator can be a jack of all trades like the others but with its counter attack.
(this is a last minute addition but it would be cool if Revenge Instant Ferocity could target the whole team rather than just Arctorvenator because that could give it some good raid utility)
Actorvenator Rebalence

Last and certainly least (as of now) is the colorful Poukandactylus:
I had to think long and hard about this because I originally had no idea how to increase its viability without diminishing what it was designed for so this was the result.
This is mostly a stat change rather than a kit change, first off Poukans health is abysmal I get that al its components have low health but for a unique it deserves better so I beefed its health up to be on par with Erlidominus.
Secondly I gave it a substantial damage buff from 1000 to 1450 just to make its counter and only damage multiplier a little more noticeable.
A small 1 point of speed change would help a little bit with some of its matchups but not very noticeable
The only move change is Replacing its basic Distraction with High Pounce because it needs some sort of multiplier and this one still stays true to its cunning roots.
finally add in Swap in Ferocity and On Escape Evasive Strike to make it slightly more interesting, they might never come into play but it would be neat to see what could be pulled of with it if it has them.
also I redid its resistances to better reflect how cunnings work because a 50% swap prevention resistance was basically useless.
Poukan Rebalence
and with that this concludes my proposal, if any devs are reading this I would greatly appreciate taking these changes into consideration for the next major update.
if any of you wonderful members have any suggestions or criticisms of my idea feel free to leave them as I am always happy receive feedback both positive or negative.
Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
-King Zasshu :grin:


The only one that doesn’t work too well is entelolania. MF is useless as is not gonna outspeed much and the things it does are usually armored and can take an impact. Without a way to stall, devastation isn’t that great
Rest are nice

Just gonna leave this here


honestly by moves Antarctovenator has no resilence at all. good job adding some

Skoona’s kit isn’t great with vulnerability strike,
It should be something like this

Remove distraction resistance
And reduce damage on counter attack

That’s pretty good. But a Group move instead of Refresh is good imo.

I think the Dipvenator unique should’ve 100% resistance to both Stun and Distraction and 50 % Resistance to Decelaration.

Definite Strike
Revenge Instant Ferocity
Instant Group Distraction
Cunning Rampage.
Precise Shattering Counter

dont nerf it

this is what i think

5800 hp
1100 atk
104 speed
armor: 30
Crit: 20

Resilient strike
Instant invincibility taunt
Group distraction

The Poulandactlus is good, just needs more hp. Thank you for change the new diplovenator hybrid. That thing is worse than the legendary


Skoona is good how it is, excellent raid creature and it doesnt feel much like a pvp creature to me anyways, leave it how it is and im happy

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