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Proposed Carcass/Hatchling Tier Dino Hybrids


I really want something to do with these fairly unhelpful dinos so they can be good for something and I know many others do as well. It doesn’t make much sense to have creatures in the game with no use right? So here’s some of my proposals for fusions, feel free to give your own suggestions as well!
Stgyimoloch G2(L10)+Trike G2(L10)= Triceramoloch(Epic)
-Minimal speed up strike, Stunning Impact, Rampage, Impact&Run
-10% Armor, 5% Crit, 124 Speed, Swap in Stun Passive
Iguanodon(L10)+Giraffatitan(L10)= Iguanatitan(Epic)
-Superiority Strike, Bellow, Greater Stunning Impact, Rampage
-10% Armor, 5% Crit, 108 Speed, Swap in Protection
Secodontosaurus(L15)+Lythronax(L15)= Lythrodontax(Legendary)
-Defense Shattering Strike, Long Protection, Defense Shattering Rampage, Lockdown Impact
-110 Speed, 5% Crit, Immunity Passive, 1X Counter Attack
Carnotaurus(L10)+Suchotator(L10)= Irritaurus(Epic)
-Superiority Strike, Lethal Wound, Short Defense, Nullifying Impact
-111 Speed, 10% Crit, 1X Counter Attack, Swap in Ferocity


Would be great to have quality hybrids for Secodonsaurus, Concavenator And Gryposuchu too


A Gryposuchus hybrid would be very cool. I don’t have it yet and haven’t faced it yet so I’m not too sure what tier it is, but I might be able to figure out a cool pairing for it and Concavenator


Tbh, Iguanodon’s not much. As any sort of hybrid component, she’s the weak link in the chain.

I like where you went with the carno/suchotator hybrid, though.


I’m just going mostly for having them used for something, Iguanodon is definitely pretty junk. I think it’d work functionally since Iguanodon was all about the thumb spike and Giraffatitan has the serious arm muscle so together it’d be a pretty swole thumb knife fighter lol. Tried to make a kit for it that would work enough to be viable and believable


here are some more names that i believe sound cool
tarbosaurus + carnatosaurus= carnatarbosaurus
proceratosaurus + triveratops=proceratops
indominous rex + tupandactylus = indodactyl


Some more I’ve thought of based on input
Gryposuchus(L15)+Tarbosaurus(L15)= Tarposuchus(Legendary)
-Pinning Strike, Ferocious Impact, Lockdown Impact, Armor Piercing Rampage(D1)
-15% Armor, 30% Crit, 108 Speed
-Basically the fusion of Tyrannosaur and crocodilian DNA resulted in a theropod with massive bite strength and conical gripping teeth preventing any escape.
Erlikosaurus G2(L15)+Koolasuchus(L15)= Erlikoolus(Legendary)
-Minimal Speed up Strike, Nullifying Rampage, Distracting Impact, Impact&Run
-5% Crit, 125 Speed, Swap in Slow
-Koolasuchus base, narrower head with large turtle-like front claws. Ideally blue/yellow patterned
Quetzalcoatlus(L10)+Tanycolagreus(L10)= Queztalcolagreus(Epic)
-Superiority Strike, Long Defense, Nullifying Impact, Defense Shattering Impact
-124 Speed, 5% Crit, Swap in Defense(2 turns)
-Quetzal base, interlocking teeth at beak tip, red streaked grey body
Indominus Rex(L20)+Dsungaripterus(L20)= Indoripterus(Unique)
-Armor Piercing Strike, Short Defense, Defense Shattering Rampage, Cloak
-114 Speed, 10% Crit, Swap in Ferocity, 1x Counter Attack
-Total glass cannon counter attacker, more or less a monster in looks, black with blue stripes. Dsunga base
Hatzegopteryx(5)+Gallimimus(5)= Hatzemimus(Rare)
-Evasive Strike, Impact, Evasive Stance(Evasives hopefully would stack), Impact&Run
-128 Speed, 5% Crit, Immunity
-Galli base, long beaklike toothless snout, multicolored
-Alternatively Hatze could be used to create a unique from Monomimus. All first fusion legendaries(Monomimus, Dilorano, Indom) seem to get uniques and I think Hatze would be a good fuse for it