Proposed change to Tournaments

As it says, I feel that tournaments are so much more competitive than arena therefore to help fix the ridiculous advantages on OP dinos, perhaps tournaments should be the ones that everyone is equal (same level no boosts) as it is now and instead of boosted, own level tourneys, they should make it that boosts are not applied here as well, this makes it fair. Also anyone who says ‘stop whining it’s fine as it is’ you clearly need to put your wallet away cause us normal broke people don’t have the advantage


Agreed. May I also add that for Alliance events like the current one, that points be awarded to the total for wins, not just wins that raise your max rating.


We should really have a choice when it comes to tournaments, if Advantage is not your thing, you can choose to do Skill instead and vice versa.

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I’d be happy if at level tournaments excluded boosts; I’d enjoy L26 tournaments more if they abolished speed ties; needs another mechanism even if its just RNG.

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Agree that the tournaments must be more accessible and rewarding for all players. I’m the leader of a very active alliance (10/10 every week, with 40+ hours to spare), and the tournaments have been profoundly disruptive to us. I have always strongly believed that the healthiest and happiest alliance is one with a diversity of player levels, so that veterans can pass on their knowledge to newer players (both of whom relish in that process) and the fresh excitement of the newer players can infect the hardened veterans (again, both of whom benefit)!

These tournaments have forced me, for the first time ever in the year-plus lifetime of my alliance, to strictly enforce trophy count minimums when recruiting, and I loathe that. It also retroactively penalizes our members for the fact that I carefully built an alliance that has such a diversity of players, yet rewards those who were active in the distant past and now merely sit on their laurels. Why not instead reward current activity, for new player and veteran alike, without preference?

Ludia has a vested interested in making sure that newer players stay engaged, but the tournaments so overwhelmingly favor veterans–even veterans who aren’t very active anymore!–that it will hurt recruitment to the game. @Ned, this isn’t what’s best for Ludia, and it isn’t what’s best for the health of the game. It’s worse than the alternate account “issue”, in my opinion (which doesn’t seem like an issue to me anyhow) because at least that quirk stems from an attempt to make the game more accessible and fairer for all players (by making the participation bonuses so significant), and reward current activity. As a community, we need to see more of that.


Maybe they should make a rule that you can have creature only in one competitive team (arena or tournament). This should only be for advantage tournaments. That way we would see less arena monsters in tournaments.

Or they should tweak matchmaking that mostly similar strenght teams get matched. Won’t be perfect, but anything that will lower % of matches between lvl 30 overboosted monsters and lvl 20 or lower creatures, would be great.

Totally agree Colin, at least that way, win loss streaks that take you nowhere would actually count for something

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Some really good ideas here, the only other thing I could add is that they neeeeed to sort the trophy win loss numbers, losing to an all 25+ epic boosted team when I’m all unboosted and lvl 20 should NOT make me lose 40 trophies


Thanks, Matthew_McDonald and everyone, for the suggestion. I’ll definitely make some notes and share them with our team.


Can there be a DNA reward for all tournaments too? I don’t think it’s fair that the skilled players miss out on hard to get DNA because we don’t randomly over level creatures


I’m confused here, are you saying I’m being wrong in saying what you’ve quoted? Just there? And who’s whistler?

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Strange comments.

But there are some things I have to say in reply to @anon82894558

  1. Not sure how you can say that I cannot be on this thread. When did the forum have this type of censorship?

  2. And if you didn’t want me to see this thread, like you wished, then why tag me?

  3. And for being presumptuous that I had a “boosted tourney team”. Dude I had only 1 boosted creature. So many other opponents over the weekend had much more than me. I was swept by many. I am not complaining.

  4. And for claiming your opinion is correct. Why? Just because it’s your opinion? You do realise there are others, besides me who also wish to have both skilled and advantage tourneys. Maybe you should read what others have said in the forums.

I am not sure what is the issue you have. But I think you need to lighten up.

Good day to all.

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The issue that almost everyone else is/was having and still will have with all these advantage tourneys where they can’t get good DNA rewards cause of boosted dinos. That’s the issue I have :joy:
But you went and said “don’t play the tourney” when the whole problem is boosts sweeping your team… like 50%+ of others…
I had 1 boosted creature too. But nothing’s gonna stop me from playing a tourney.
You posted in that thread

Which made me think that you were one of the only ones on here that enjoyed it…
However, it definitely wasn’t worth 125 carbo and deer for L30 procerathomimus boosted and/or others. Every match. I mean, we’ve already got pvp for this boosted stuff.
That’s why I made those posts…

Please stay on topic without making personal attacks on other forum users, thank you.


I agree with this. There should be different rewards other than bucks, boosts, and coin (although I don’t mind the buck tournaments). And make it good DNA like arena/event exclusives. I don’t want to work my behind off for anky gen 2 and dimorphodon DNA

I didn’t mind the tournament. Sure it could be frustrating, but it was fun using my epics, like my level 26 sino. I love my big chunky boy coming in and taking out proceraths, gorgos, and purras. It allowed me to use things that I wouldn’t use in an epic hybrid skill tournament, like my amargoceph and woolly rhino


The part about this is that the amount of DNA within ranks were not worth what went on in this tourney. It’s not really a tourney, for the people who can’t compete with the boosts. It’s who can, and who has the max boosted team of 8 dinos and the right 8 dinos.

I personally dont mind the set up or an change on it. But if the tournament set up changes on advantage tournaments so that boosts dont have any influence as was suggested in this thread.

Then they should atleast do that together woth an complete boost reset as there are people who have boosted dinos especially for this tournaments and that will otherwise go to waste.

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i didn’t mind the tournament either. I usually don’t really participate in epic advantage tournaments because of all the high level boosted stuff. what got me was the crap rewards and no incentive to continue past a few battles. I can deal with battling in a tournament i hate if i had incentive to do it. (i do this with the arena anyway) Either better rewards to try for, or (what i would like most) AP for trying.

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This I will get behind. I felt there should’ve been more for the top 500. The prize amounts were kind of lousy

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