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Proposed Pterovexus Moveset and Stats (updated)


Health: 3829
Speed: 129
Damage: 1300

Nullifying Strike 1X
Lethal Wound 1X
Distracting Impact 1.5X
Swoop (or Impact and Run inherited from Gallimimus)

Swap in Ability: Swap in Bleeding Evasion(DoT 0.25X of target’s Max HP for 2 turns; Evasive for 2 turns)

Make the Unique Birds Great Please!

Be careful with that double SIA, it will backfire on you. :joy:


Ehhhh… It is already pretty decent. It just needs lethal swoop and it’s good to go.


It doesn’t have a basic attack any creatures muat have abasic attack

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…Nullifying Strike?