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Proposed solution for player deranking


I am proposing a simple (and easy to implement) way to solve the problems with deranking players who make the game miserable for lower level players but still allow deranking for legitimate purposes.

I am aware of some legitimate reasons to derank:

  • Research purposes (looking at you metahub)
  • Incubator rewards specific to certain arenas
  • Trying out dinos that aren’t part of a player’s main lineup

The main proposal is to add another matchmaking criteria in addition to trophy count, namely team dino level. If the sum of the 8 dino levels for one team is 20 more (this is an arbitrary number but close to what I believe is reasonable) than the sum of the 8 dino levels for another team they will not be matched together even if close enough together in trophy count.

In addition, I propose an option to allow a player to individually opt in to playing against teams that have any level total higher than their own. First of all, this would allow players who outperform to not be limited by the difference cap if they find that it is doing so. Second, this would allow fast deranking but if you want to rank back up you have to earn it.

It’s possible a similar proposal has been made in the past. I wasn’t really thinking actively about the issue but this idea popped into my head. My primary goal was to keep it small and simple rather than requiring a major redesign of the arena system. Feedback is definitely appreciated. Also feel free to share any additional reasons for deranking that don’t disadvantage lower level players.



I’m sure they see it as it’s easier to have a broken game that people funnel money into rather than fix it.


Yes, people have proposed similar ideas, and it would be nice to at least give it a try… But there are ways of cheating that. Imagine a team of four or five level 30’s and the rest at level 1… that would sum 124-153… This player could be facing teams of levels 15-20 and they would be easy pray anyway if at least one of the 30 is selected.

So it’s more complicated than that. We would need a level cap in arenas or something like that.

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Yes that’s a problem. For purposes of the match-making calculation only anything that is 5 levels or more below the highest level dino on the team would count as 5 levels below. Again, 5 is an arbitrary number but would be a reasonable place to start and run simulations to see how it would work in practice.

In your example a 1 would count as 25 since there is a 30 but would still play as 1 in the match. That would really discourage gaming the system.


If your over a 1000 (maybe more?) trophies below your best rank ludia should only match you with lvl 30 bots would sort out all the would be droppers instantly. Instead they use the lvl 30 bots to force end game players into lower arenas for a one sided fight or two…


I agree something needs to be done. I dislike it when help knock a proposed solution because it isn’t flawless, people will always find loopholes. Social security, Medicare, and medicade are all great systems but there are flaws, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have them, and one a solution is in place it can always be improved upon.
That said I think it you have unlocked an arena you should be able to choose to fight in it again but have your Dino’s lvl capped to a certain level.
No deranking required, trophies remain intact (well maybe a slight penalty each capped battle to encourage you to play in your trophy count arena.)


Just make a Max level of Dino’s per arena. Then every dinosaur will be with in “tolerance” for that arena.

No down sides. No minimums. Just a quick check and error message. “Dino to high for arena”

Then as a player you would just hold off on leveling to a higher level until you get out of the arena. Just be sure to not level them up until you are firm in your next arena. Then bingo no more level 20 plus Dino’s in bad lands.

And if you intentionally drop you have to win with a proper leveled team.

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You wouldn’t be able to use your higher level dinos if they passed that max level… bummer


True but if you planned a head a bit it wouldn’t interrupt your plans at all.

Also isn’t the point to keep ridiculously over leveled Dino’s out of the arena?

If there was a Max level it would also give an indicator as to what arena you should be in. Rather than a random good luck put me in arena and random luck took it away.

If the max Dino level for… Let’s say marshes was 22 (arbitrary) and you got in with a team of 17(arbitrary) then you would know "OK got on a hot streak. And you would know to judge your performance in that arena by how you are doing against lvl 22 Dino’s. If you came fromlock down with level 18 cap you’d know "maybe I should level up to 18 and save DNA and coins.

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They should remove the exclusive arena Dino incentive for dropping down. Just add all Dino’s to a pool as you unlock them. Also once you hit an arena you should not be able to go lower then that trophy count. Once you hit 4500 trophies you will never be able to go lower

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