Proposed topic for gamepress team

Hi @Piere87, would you and the gamepress team consider making an article on the top dinos to start a battle with, the top dinos at the end of battle and the top dinos for mid-battle based on the vast experience of your team, including the top players with whom you create the tierlists? I think that would be very interesting to read for many players. Thanks.


That’s not a bad idea! It’s tough as it depends on arena sometimes and I know for me it depends on what I draw, but it’s something I’m sure we can see about doing. Thanks for the suggestion! :slightly_smiling_face:


Ask and you shall receive (finally :laughing:)


what i lead with depends on what my draw is. Tho i do tend to lead towards Dio or Rinex first. sometimes i switch it up and throw out Constrictor as she was a decent opener in the past and still has some positive match ups.

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Thank you very much, @Piere87. I hope your readers will enjoy this as much as i do.