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Proposing a Fix to Matchmaking: Team Ferocity

For those of you who played Jurassic Park Builder (Great game, shame it’s gone), you’ll probably recognize the term “Team Ferocity.” That being said, I’ll still go over it.

In JPB, Ferocity was a stat given to every dinosaur that essentially gave it a ranking based on its general strength. The higher rarity, the stronger the dino. If you put a dino on a team (or more than one) for battles, then those creatures’ Ferocity would be added to make the Team Ferocity, which was (as you may guess), how strong on average your team was.

I propose adding something similar to JW:A. Here’s how it would work:

  1. Every creature in the game would have a Ferocity level.

This base level can be altered by a couple of factors:

  • Ease of obtainment (basically how well components could be found)
  • Rarity (Common/Rare/Epic/Etc.)
  • Base Stats (This would probably be some of sort of modified average)

The average ferocity for each rarity would be:

  • Common: 40
  • Rare: 60
  • Epic: 80
  • Legendary: 100
  • Unique: 120
  • Apex: 150

These base levels would fluctuate based on creature, but they’d stay relatively close.

  1. Ferocity Levels can be altered artificially.

There are two main ways to increase your creatures’ Ferocity Level, and those are the big two:

  • Leveling them up
  • Boosts

Your creature’s Ferocity score can be altered based on how many boosts you put into them, with each boost giving a flat increase in score (likely +5 for each health and attack boost and ~+10 for each speed boost).

In this scenario, your team ferocity would be matched against the Ferocity of other teams in your arena, and you would be matched with someone who’s within some margin of your own level (Probably would start at a margin of 10 in Arena 1 and then grow by a rate of 5 until Arena 8 where the margin is increase by ten).

These would be the Ferocity Margins for each arena:

  • Arena 1: Within 10 of your own Team Ferocity
  • Arena 2: Within 15
  • Arena 3: Within 20
  • Arena 4: Within 30
  • Arena 5: Within 40
  • Arena 6: Within 50
  • Arena 7: Within 60
  • Arena 8: Within 70
  • Arena 9: Within 80
  • Arena 10: Within 100
  • Arena 11: Within 110
  • Arena 12: Within 120
  • Arena 13: Within 130