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Proposition / Project for All Active Players

Proposition / Project for All Active Players

Ever wish there was a place you could get your questions answered right away?
What about a place where you actually got every donation request quickly instead of just filling them?
How about a place where you could just shoot the… with other WoW members?
Maybe a place that gathered all the tools and links and data of the game into one concise place and resource?


We have a little (maybe not so little) project going with over a hundred active people on a discord server.
So far four other guilds have joined us bringing their active players and nobody has been anything but happy with the move.
Leadership is based on a room in the discord server of people that want to be leaders and votes and opinions are taken on any major decision… because this is OUR group NOT my group.

We don’t expect anyone to make a decision like this lightly so if you’d like to visit our server and see what we’re about please let me know.
We wouldn’t try to sell something we don’t truly believe in.
We truly believe this to be one of the most active helpful places in WoW and we wouldn’t trust you much if you just took some Randos word without seeing it for yourself.

Our discord server has extensive links and tools available including conversion rates of items guides for all the characters weapon spreadsheet showing powers at different levels and much much more.

Right now we’re up to three guilds with the third guild being built right as we speak and the first two guilds in the top 20 WITHOUT focusing on just power.

We focus on community first and the rest will follow.
If this is something you believe in please reach out to me directly

For those interested in the minutiae we track activity based on four categories each worth 10 points. More info available but it ain’t yo Grammys trophy ranking

P.S. I didn’t write this is not my group it’s ours. So much as 15 people that chose to be involved (not tasked) wrote this. It’s from US to YOU active player.
See you soon


The discord is top notch and I especially like that our guilds donate a LOT. Lots of members hit the donation limit daily. It really builds up the community! My requests get filled in minutes.

On the discord side, so many smart people sharing tips and tricks improves my experience every day.

Discord fun with a side of WoW excellence anyone!? Yes please.


Enjoying myself over there also. Part of the new We are bad company, guild. And Discord is amazing. I’m learning a ton of stuff.

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I’m fairly new to the game have 6 characters unlocked all level 8+ FTP I’m looking for a guild to join where there are active players but dont seem to be able to join any is there any guilds that can accept me in ? Thanks. My ingame name is Dr33lakk

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Sure join “we are bad company” is our server come visit


With the event raid ending I thought people might be reinvested