Pros and cons of Einiasuchs?

There’s a trend where a lot of the rare hybrids make their ways up in the ranks and levels and one of them is einiasuchus. Im thinking about trying to get him up to maybe 18-20 if I can but is it worth it?

It depends where are you in the arena. Lv 18-20 einia are good only in high lockdown and low marshes. If you are in the ruins, it needs to be at least lv 24+ to be considered good.


I used it for a while but after some of the updates, Einio and Nunda became so hard to find that i just couldn’t bother waiting that long to level it. I had it at 24 and fused it to 25 before bailing on it. It takes so much DNA to keep going compared to epic and legendary dinos.

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those rares are so much work to level up. it surprises me to see them at high levels.

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