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Pros of Update 1.14

Ludia has decided to do some Amazing Stuff this update:-

  1. Nerf the rhinos,they were game breaking,this will help Yoshi get his position back,they must buff him,Monomimus has yet to be nerfed.
    2.ProceRat Nerf,they listened to us,the playerbase complained that Procerat was OP,now after the nerf, Proceratosaurus need that nerf so bad,it is well balanced.

  2. Boosts - No Improvement. We are fine, boosts are fine with a 50% refund and boost sales being allowed.

  3. Definite Rampage- This is what I call balanced cause all the innocent creatures like Ardentismaxima and Indoraptor Gen 2 no longer have it,and hence this change will balance the broken guys who had it like Keratoporcus(Broken as heck),Etc…


Are you being sarcastic?


Exact. It has been a great version in which, we must be honest, Ludia has listened to the players.

  1. The players asked to nerfete the Procerathominus -> Ludia nerfed some of their few rivals and did not touch the damn Yoshi. But in return, nerfed procerathosauro is useless, but hey, they never tire of laughing a little at the expense of the players.

  2. The players asked to nerfize Indo2 -> Ludia does not touch it, but after nerfed in other versions her few rivals (Ardentis, orion) this version decides to nerfy mammolaia another one of her few rivals.

  3. The players asked for more uniques to be able to vary their teams a bit -> Ludia does not create any unique and only creates a legendary one of the rarest components of the game (the crocodile) and already used in a Unique. More laughter from Ludia’s headquarters, we created a legendary that you will never have (except for those of you who spend thousands of euros in the game) and surely later we will get a very strong unique that you will not have either. General laughter.

  4. Users say that boosts are annoying -> Well, we keep offering them for pay every week.

Author’s Note 1: @TheGamingTryko, yes, this post like the original post is also written with “Ironic mode on”.

Author’s Note 2: “Ironic Mode Off”. I can understand point 4 if they believe that it is important that the 100/200 people who spend a fortune on the game is more important than thousands of people spending a little on the game (I don’t share it but I respect it). The three previous points, have no explanation because it only makes more and more players leave the game and more players stop spending money on the game.


Indo gen 2 doesn’t need a nerf. It now requires smarter uses of mutual fury instead of just spamming cautious strike


Well that’s relative. None of my rivals ever use “Mutual Fury”. Only with “Cautios Strike” are they able with an Indo2 28 to destroy my entire team of uniques 30. Anyway, that’s the least of it. For me Indo2 is the best dino in the game (even more than Gemini) but I know that not everyone thinks the same. For others it is the second, the third or the fourth. What difference does it make. What is evident is that a legendary is in the Top5 of the game while there are many garbage uniques and that should not be the case.


They would most likely use mutual fury if they are slowed down

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Sure. If you don’t slow it down, it beats you with the first hit and sweeps the next dino. If you slow it down, it sweeps you to your first and next dino with Mutual Fury. Whatever you do, you have already lost, except you are lucky enough to face in the first instance with some dino that can beat indo 2 (a very strong Ardentis, gemini or Dioraja). I am not saying that Indo2 cannot be strong. What I’m saying is that it shouldn’t be better than all uniques (my opinion) or better than all uniques except two or three (general opinion).

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Don’t worry, Ingo Gen 2 and Procerathomimus will end up being nerfed but, first, Ludia wants to make sure that everyone has had time to spend all possible (paying) resources on them before the make them completely unplayable. A known pattern: they did it for Monomimus and Dracoceratops…


Yes, but there is a difference. Monomimus was smashed just one version after being a nightmare. The rat was for more than a year being a nightmare. Yoshi has been destroying this game for even longer and Indo2 has been in the same way for almost a year.

The only thing I hope is that when they finally get nerfed, if they ever are, they won’t restart the boosts. It would be profoundly unfair if those who have been unfairly enjoying these beasts for over a year then had no disadvantage compared to those who have refused to create them.

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It’s true that poor Monomimus didn’t stand a chance for very long. Otherwise Ludia has already proved that “Fair” like “Balance” are unfamiliar concepts.

yeah i have a 30 monomimus and it was a team sweeper back in it’s day. local epic + exclusive common so not that easy to make either. didn’t deserve a nerf every update.

indo2 also needs a crap load of exclusive blue so it should be good. if cautious strike didn’t do 100 different things in one move it would be pretty balanced.


I get that it should be tougher to get,hence,better. Cautious strike only has to get Slight nerfs,indo G2 already has been nerfed.

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Nope,I do not have a Reason to be Sarcastic. The Brontolasmus was broken and beat every creature,I am happy it is nerfed and also this update gives poor creatures like Indoraptor Gen 2 a chance,Classic Old Ludia,always listening to their players. Monomimus needs to be fixed though.

Indoraptor gen 2 and Entelomoth .

Indo gen 2 should be better than the gen 1 version if you are looking at it from a lore point of view. The gen 2 was the more complete version, so it makes sense so that it is extremely powerful.


Yes,cautious strike makes sense because it signifies the obedience and cautious awareness of blue,mutual fury will make more sense on Indoraptor Gen 1 because it was far more ferocious(the attack increase) and reckless(mutual fury might be risky,say the opponent goes for instant charge the next turn or if it was something totally not planned)which could be both beneficial and harmful,just like mutual fury. Cleansing impact on the g2 would make more sense. Evasive stance on both and defense shattering rampage on both.

Gemini is king. No 100% counters on it. Moth and mammolania are also better. When set up, they kill. Maxima is also better. An immune bulky chomper. Indo is #5. Indo gen 2 is fine. In fact, it gains counters with a set-up like magna

Well then Ludia should have made it unique. With the same components and the same characteristics. If that was the case, I wouldn’t ask for it to be nerf. It would be a unique, ranking between the best and the fourth best dinosaur in the game. There would be nothing strange. Surely I would have tried to get the maximum possible blue and would have created and evolved Indo2. It would be a horror of battles because we would all have indo2 but hey, that has happened in other times when there was a much better dino than the rest (for example the Tryko a year ago).

But is not. Ludia decided to make Indo2 second-rate, legendary, but she made it the best (or one of the 4 best) dinos in the game and not just one version, but for over a year.

That’s what many of us complain about. The same as Yoshi’s. If Yoshi were unique, he would be just as annoying but no one would care about him, but he’s a damn epic.

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A gen 1 and 2 are never the same rarity. Also, it costs more dna to level it, and Blue, an exclusive creature, is a component. Not to mention, an unscentable daily and a night zone exclusive

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Hi Eduardo,

From the outset I will tell you that I admire you very much. I think you are the best player in this game and this is demonstrated championship by championship of the “all to 26 without boosts”.

That being said, I will tell you why I think Indo2 is better than GeminiTitan in my opinion. Geminititan beats almost all the dinosaurs in the game, but how is it after winning? most of the times it is so poor that it is the victim of the next dinosaur that finishes it off and is “loaded”. Indo2 does not win as many dinosaurs as Geminititan, but how is it when it wins? It remains faster than any dinosaur that the opponent can put (unless you have instant like the phuru, but even in that case, you can put the cloak before) and ensures that it will harm the next dinosaur.

Let me ask you a question. Imagine that Ludia creates two new dinosaurs. The first is slow and can win 100% of the rivals, all without exception, although it will almost always be low on life. The second is fast and can win only 80% of the rivals, leaving the victory with an increase in speed. You can only choose one, which one do you choose?

Anyway, the discussion is not if Indo2 is the best as I think or the fifth as you think. The problem is that a legendary should be neither the best nor the fifth best. That is the question.