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Prosuchuceratops idea!

This is a mix between a proceratoceratops and a koolasuchus, I haven’t added stats yet, because that’s for you guys to decide! Shout out to @TheProC for originally coming up with this idea. Also, check out the proceratoceratops here! New Proceratoceratops Hybrid Idea!



Hello! Really nice Creation! Also… Idk if u doing request…but if could please do a Tyralophopterosaur(Winged Tyrant Crested Lizard)! A combination of Tyrannolophosaur and Pterannodon! Its a Pterosaur with huge jaws and strong muscle! Thats its!

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Ok, but it will take time

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Thank you! Nice to meet u!

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also! I has made a concept art for a hybrid between Elasmotherium and Majundasuchus!
Just wanna share with you!



Koolaceratops more like.

What do you mean?

Wow looks very good!

It has less letters to its name, so it’s short and sweet.