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Protect legit players from hackers

Hello @Rose @Ludia_Developers @Ned

Let’s face it, you can’t avoid hackers, damage calculations are not done serverside and for that it will always be hackable.

But you can protect legit players from getting afected by them, at least on alphas.

How would tha work? By allowing clans to be changed to private it would reduce alot that issue.

I know “clans can only be only be set to private when created” blabla story, but that’s just and option that is not available on the interface, it’s obviously a field that exists in your database that would only have to be changed from false to true.

Is that asking too much?! We’ve opened support tickets from all of our public clans and got the same copy/paste reply, i know it’s not available on the interface, that’s the reason we reached out to support.

You help people transfer they lost accounts to new ones, that probably a more complex change then this and this is a change that would help up to 25 people.

I don’t want another copy/paste reply, i want a reply if you are going to help our clans and other that might want the same to change to private or not, plain simple.



And if you’re at it anyways finally get a propper clean up solution for arena as well. Make it a bot who checks every battle and automatically flags every 0 dmg done by defending team for a closer look. Then maybe ad a layer that checks team lvl difference and once again flags anything with 1k or more points.
Just freaking do something effective finally.


If you just browse through the top 200 in the arena you will find many hackers with level in 20’s and team strength 2000 , I could find 4 players in about 10 mins…should not be that difficult to find

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Escuse me, I’m able to defeat more than 1k higher fair and square. So how about we stick to the 0s and perhaps more level difference? Like a 4000 vs a 6000.

@Kshitij A person using a lesser team for a while doesn’t equal hackery. Just look at the xp level. A top player may show silly teams to hide his true teams, but xp level shows he’s advanced. If however xp level is low… Then you’re right on that accusation.

Hackers do need to be dealt with properly, from the roots. Our reports should get them accounted for, blocked and their ip blocked also.

Ludia… how about you obtain a software that’s able to track who overrides your defenses? This way you’ll stop targeting good players in your flags and will get rid of the hackers without them able to do anything.

Along with that, let us change our clans’ privacy settings without needing of recreation, and add a feature that allows us to block suspected or proven hackers (and other offenders) off our clans. Won’t be hard, and it’ll serve to keep us safe.

Fury Guardians Alliance has by far gotten the most attacks and we’re really tired of it. We gotta shield up with randoms and stuff, stay 25/25 at all times. That puts a stopper to recruits as much as hackers do. Which doesn’t help us replace previous members…

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The 1k was a ballpark number just to get one in the post, nothing more.

Good, because my skills go beyond my BP… I just don’t have much playing time to use all my energy and grind.

(I wish I could show you an example of surpassing the 1k thing, but apparently I can’t find it. Too many files…)


Anyone could actualy do something?
Feeling like some threads are invisible to support…


I don’t know about invisible, but perhaps they just don’t know how to answer… Hopefully they’re working behind the scenes regardless.

Though the silence is discouraging and you can never know if they’ve gotten the message or not… Until later.

Keep trying…

Just careful with how many times you post, if you write about 5 times they mark you as spam… (Another issue with Ludia)

(It would for sure help if more people were commenting in here.)

I’m pretty sure no matter how skilled you are, this is impossible without hacking…But I feel like all our rants fall on deaf ears…


Welcome to the club. Sorry for the sarcasm but it really got out of hand last season. At least one confirmed hacker got finally removed from the leader board before claiming the end of season rewards a second time for a top 200 player. It is a rather slow, ponderous and frustrating process to observe though. Especially when you get hit by the same “insert foulest swaer word here” multiple times in a few days.


Calm down. You have made enough posts to tell everyone that you where banned despite being innocent. We understand.

But please stop capturing posts of other topics and people.



Actualy the thread is about protecting clans from hackers with a solution given…but then there is people comming here talk about arena and you about you’re ban, if you think you’re post is related you’re clearly didn’t read the opening post.

Valid points and my apologies. My bad. Removed my posts.

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Sigh, one would have hoped more people would support this post. So many clans hacked, we know, they post on fb… But not even the leader of each of those clans is here to represent their clan in this. Are they not interested enough to post a review on the clan system, I wonder. The ludia silence (or the unhelpfulness of her) is one thing… The clans themselves not standing up for their own is another. Either they think a one-time report is enough or… They’re resigned to getting hacked.

Having to keep 25/25 constantly is no easy, the low powered and inactives that join are bad also and… having to restart is extra work. The clan system is not safeguarded in any sense.

And it should be: safe.

@Alexandre, sorry your thread went off topic twice. First part I was only replying but I do apologize if I accidentally encouraged the second part to happen.

Just had a drive by hacker, joined killed the alpha and then left. How do they do so much damage :thinking:,

With a modified apk.