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Proterogyrinus Tournament 5/10 - 5/13

As always this thread will be for tracking progress of the different Leagues information, mostly centered around Dominator and its cutoff.

Good luck to everyone!!!

Has anyone established some kind of strategy for this tournament?
Normally I would say that carnivores make no sense in any lineup because they are at most equal to their opponent, probably they have a disadvantage.
On the other hand I would like to use them to spare my armada of amphibians. At the moment I think my team could have one carnivore at the first slot to collect reserves for the two amphibians in slot 2 and 3, but I am not sure if it is going to work.
I don’t think that there is a chance to win a fight with more than one carnivore.

I will most likely do something similar or use a really strong amphibian and two carnivores. It will partially be determined on if the AI has any kind of preference to its ratio of amphibians to carnivores.

Red-blue-blue is the safest bet (reasonable strength, of course). I managed to sneak by red-red-blue a few times, but I’d say the first is best. If you can afford it, all blue for sure trumps the rest. Should be another easy tourney overall.


Woohoo, it’s definitely on…I’ll be praying just to stay in Hunter this round. Got to 18th within Hunter and already facing dinos in the 2-3K health and getting spanked. And…I have 85 trophies and not that close to Predator yet. Still a hatchling in time and level for this game, but this is the first time I’ve exhausted my inventory and not even crawled close to Dominator. Y’all have fun down there in the big leagues!!


My first round. Lineup was always one middle strong carnivore in the first slot who can at least survive the first opponent attack. A stronger amphibian in the second slot, level 30 VIP or beyond and a middle class amphibian in the last slot to clean up the rest. I lost two battles while I was experimenting, but not the last 15.

I also got one round of dinosaurs in Hunter that was in the 2-3K health range. Never seen that before! I was bringing red-blue-blue with most of my lineups which was working well until that one. I did throw in a red-blue-red which I did still win with at the lower levels but not expecting that will work for me again. After that crazy one in Hunter I slightly increased the ferocity and did fine with my next one, made it to Predator around 80th or so, but those were close to my best so stopped there for now. I got lineups that spanned the range from 3 red to 3 blue and various mixes in between. Not expecting to reach Dominator in this one based on that tough round in Hunter, but will see how things go.

Tried a lineup of my best with red-blue-blue from the bottom of Predator, sorry no screenshot, but got a simple match of comparable all reds so an easy win. Will have to see where I am after 3 hour cooldown but I think a lot will depend on the lineups that you get in this one for those of us that have to fight up from the bottom to get into Dominator. So far I’ve only once seen a lineup of all amphis and then that really hard one in Hunter that seems to be an anomaly, maybe it thought I was sandbagging although what I brought was definitely in the range I’d have normally used at that level. I’m currently hatching out what I’ll need to make my first level 40 legendary amphi, which won’t be ready until the last day of this tourny but that will give me the 3 I need to maybe sneak in at the last minute again.

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The cut offs for ferocity seen to be about the same as some of the past tournaments, at Rank 62 in Hunter I brought a team with 877.4 AFS and got a sandbag warning against a team with 2,117 AFS. I then brought a team with 1182 AFS at the same rank and got a match against a 1,221 AFS, much more reasonable. At rank 2 in hunter I brought a team with 1,262 and was matched against a team with 1,629 I was able to win and received 38 trophies so that 1,262 is close to the bottom limit in Hunter that folks should be bringing to their matches towards the top of Hunter.

Predator rank 66 I brought a team with 2,287 AFS and was matched against a team with 2,479 almost even, won and received 33 trophies.
At rank 32 I brought a team with 2,358 and was given a match up against a team with 3,511 which was 49% stronger than mine and lost. Second fight at that rank I brought a team with 2,841 AFS and was given a match up of 3,991 a 40% disadvantage for my team and managed to pull off the win, however this only produced 34 trophies so the game saw this match up as being only slightly challenging.

Rank 100 brought a team with 3,497 AFS and was matched against 5,451 or a 56% disadvantage for me, was able to pull out the win and was given 36 trophies for the match.
Rank 87 brought a team with 4,138 AFS and got an opponent with 6,598 AFS which was a 59% disadvantage for me. Some well timed swaps and blocks I was able to pull off the win and was awarded with 34 trophies.

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@Sionsith - there definitely seems to be a bit of randomness though to when you get these really high AFS matchups, and when it lets you get by. I know the one that I got stomped on in Hunter my team was in the 1000+ range, and it was very similar to the one I tried next that didn’t get the same reaction.

On the flip side, the nature of this tournament looks like it might actually reward a little risk taking. Since I’ve generally seen more carnivores in the matches than amphis, I figured I’d try doing a match with 3 amphis that I would normally never put up in a Predator match, while waiting for the rest of my stuff to cool down. Top score is already 204 so didn’t want to fall too far behind so figured I might as well try. Here’s the match I got. Certainly much higher than the AFS that I put up but due to the class advantages I was able to win this handily and earn 40 trophies. Not enough to move to Dominator but in a solid 16th with 187 trophies.

Wow, just figured out the AFS on that match, mine was 1413 AFS vs. computer at 3534, a 150% advantage to him. I wonder if trophies cap out at 40 as that’s a pretty impressive win to pull off particularly with only two that had class advantages. But yeah those opponents are about what I’d have expected in mid-Predator class.

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So they were giving out 40s today then. I don’t keep close tabs like some of you do. Thought I was imagining a 40 somewhere along the way.

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I’ve been very happy with the prize wheel for this tournament. I’ve really been piling up DNA from the spins.

The cap is 40 trophies

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Prize wheel is stingy for me as it usually seems to be but particularly when I’ve bottomed out my DNA and really could use some good prizes for it. So far only got a measly 75. Out of the two packs I landed on, didn’t get a single DNA card.

And really blew it on my latest battle. Was playing on my iPad which I don’t use as often as my phone, and stupidly tried to take a screenshot not knowing for sure the keystroke to use. Yup… it was the wrong one and tossed me out of the game and now have to sit through another 3-hour cool down to try again. Really not a good time to make that kind of dumb mistake, when I only have a single lineup of 3 amphis that is good enough to reach Dominator, and was actually in striking distance. Hopefully with the length of this tournament that won’t come back to haunt me too much.

Done that before. Sucks

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First run through. I’ve realized a couple of things. First, I have a lot of carnivores. I wouldn’t mind having more high ferocity amphibians. Once I got near the top of my lineup, I tried a couple of all carnivore lineups. When I went against an all carnivore lineup, I was successful. When the AI brought an amphibian to the party, I lost. With my top two amphibians, I put the in lineups with two carnivores. Won one, lost the other. Maybe next time I switch partners. See if that works.

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I figured I’d try another match with my 2nd string of amphis while waiting for cool down, tournament is moving much faster than any I’ve been in before, so already down about 20 slots. Was a slightly better team than the one I posted before, but being higher in the placings got an even harder lineup, a blue-red-red, with very high ferocity on the first, so couldn’t reserve more than 1 point. Even still, I only lost by 1 attack point so going to keep trying. One reason I’m really mad at myself for messing up that earlier match is I did want to get an idea of what kind of AFS I would get at the top of Predator and if I might be able to use my best carnivore for a meat shield, which would give me enough for two tries, but would be a roll of the dice if I got another high ferocity amphi in that first spot.

Taking chances definitely paying off for me. Had another hour before all my top amphis were ready again so figured I’d take a chance on a lineup with just the two that were ready to go again, and got the matchup I needed, to move back into the top 20 of Predator. This one was 34 trophies. I’m currently in 16th at 221 and top of the division is 243. I think I may have a good chance to get into Dominator from this level if I come with my best 3 amphis, assuming I don’t get really unlucky on the opponents, but need to play some catch-up on my cool down times first. Really wishing I had gotten that additional prionosuchus I’m working on hatched out in time, but come Sunday he’ll be ready to go, and I think having a second level 30 might be more beneficial to me than a single level 40, choice between coming with a single strong lineup of 3 amphis, versus having two opportunities, but at a lower AFS each, seeing as I’m going to be overmatched no matter what and so relying a bit on getting the right kind of lineup to win.

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Night run with the bottom half of my lineup. Successful run.

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