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Proterogyrinus Tournament 8/7/20 - 8/10/20

This weekend’s tournament has been confirmed on both Facebook and the ingame events to be Proterogyrinus. This is the first change at this creature in over a year. Last time, 1175 trophies were required over a three day period to unlock it using just carnivores and amphibians. Here’s a link to that thread


Nice, do we know if this is going to be a rules tournament as well or just a regular one?

If it’s rules, I guess it would be a little helpful since you can have a 3-amphi team to K.O the opponents (that is, if you have good VIPs)

Typically a rules tournament would have a :white_check_mark: on the card pack along with the lock. Since it’s not there most likely this will be a straight Jurassic tournament.


Awesome, thanks. Seeing how this is not a new dino, hopefully the Dominator trophy requirement will be low.

Well, at least lower than usual.

If it’s below 1200 trophies or so, I can make it in the second day itself. Unfortunately I’ve been getting frequently disconnected while playing the game, though this time it’s a problem with my WiFi and not the game.

I’ll have to play in a separate room of the house which is kinda annoying, but yeah for a guy whose best teams take 5-6 hours cooldown, it’s not a big deal.

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Wouldn’t mind a rules tournament. Might make Ludia finally realize that they need more amphibians.

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Yeah I miss the rules tournaments, I like how they test your lineups and they make even a Jurassic tournament seem fresh and new for us old timers in the game.


It can also punish people for not paying too much attention to their lineup, for example those who focus on carnivores too much won’t do very well in an amphibians and carnivores only tourney.


I must have got this jurassic from a CoT a while ago, I have a lvl 30 currently. Ill be half tempted to skip this one but it’s hard to pass up decent rewards at the same time.

I’ll definitely be playing on my daughters game though, now that she knows i can win the tournaments on her game i’d catch some serious flak for skipping on one :stuck_out_tongue:


Giving up 2600 LP so easily?

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1300, non vip

I need to look at the cards as well, is the third card chance for food or coins?

Yes, no guaranteed bucks card.

No guaranteed bucks just means more DNA,what’s wrong,you cannot go wrong either way.


I didn’t say anything’s wrong.

I finished battle stage 74 so I’m at around 17K DNA right now, waiting for the next discount by which I’ll have created Indominus Gen 2 as well as accumulated 25K DNA.

I think I’ll move to 75 tomorrow or day after.

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I finished battle stage 81,so I have 8300 DNA right now. I will wait for Wednesday’s 15% discount for purchasing them ,since Non VIPs do not have 20% discount, 15% is the best

You need 23.5k DNA if you purchase it on monday/Thursday

Yes I shall make Indominus Gen 2 on Sunday, but Velociraptor Gen 2 will be maxed tomorrow itself so I’ll have to self-control :sweat_smile:

Not necessarily, the 3rd card is a chance at coin, food, bucks and DNA, so 50% chance of getting garbage from the 3rd card.