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Protoceratops would be a new event only epic. I understand I might have made its attack kinda op but I tried to balance this out with low attack and health.

Also of your read the description here is a picture if the fossil

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Bruh if 985 attack is op then I guess anything above 1000 is just broken.
Also even with the ferocity it is super situational with use, at least antarcs instant ferocity makes sense because its tanky and has a counter when it gets hit. Here its just gonna die by turn 2.
Also i might make it have a flock but idk.


It’s attacks are nowhere near OP. In fact, they’re honestly quite pathetic for an Event Exclusive. Only C.Impact and Res Strike for damaging moves, and it has pitifully low HP, attack lower than 1k, it only needs a buff. Here would be my personal take on it:


Rarity: Rare

Class: Resilient

Where it’s found: Everywhere, Dawn, Dusk, and Night

Basic Stats:

3450 HP

1250 ATK

124 SPD

10% AMR

10% CRT


Superiority Strike (Attack x1, for 1250 DMG)

Cleansing Decelerating Impact (Attack x1.5, for 1875 DMG)

Dig In Alert (Secure: Ability Disabled. Threatened, 50% of HP and below: Rally Heal By 50%, Increase Speed by 10%, and 50% Shields for 1 Turn, 2 Attacks.)


Flock of 2: Max damage received is remaining HP of flock member nearest defeat. Exception: Group attacks.

Swap In: Stunning Alert

Resistances: Vulnerability: 100%, Swap Prevention: 33.4%, Rend: 25%

(Just saying, I’m not trying to “fix” yours, or “make your concept better,” I’m just sharing my own personal concept for Protoceratops)

Yours isn’t bad, but I do feel it could be a little better. Maybe a few minor changes to make it a little stronger, as you say it is an Event Exclusive Epic. Hope you’re okay with this constructive criticism.


Are these level 11 or 26 stats? Because if there 11 this thing would have 6k health and 1950 attack at level 26 which is just stupid op, and if it’s level 26 stats than this thing is just underpowered


Its 26 (ten letters)

I’ll probably suggest you to raise its hp up to about 4000 and attack probably about 1000~1100?? I have no suggestions for the rest of the matter…

Well then it’s way to weak

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I gave it low health because it is VERY small. I based its health off the similar size stygimoloch.

Thats yes why I gave it revenge instant ferocity.

But still, like @Typhoon_Zach said revenge instant ferocity is really situational

I understand, but even still both stygi’s that you based from has a tad bit higher health than the protoceratops. Using Jurassic world logic, dinosaur’s biology aren’t 100% accurate to irl Dino’s. One example being the velociraptor, which is also from that famous protoceratops fossil (the exact same picture you show above) they’re only turkey sized but JP/JW magnified them way too big from what they originally was. Also if we base on the game , even the common velociraptor can 1shot your protoceratops 1on1 , which they should be equal in strength irl (as they’re struggling to win against each other before they get buried I guess)

Imo if you’re going to keep the health low then give them some ability that can at least shield them from attacks just like stygies